Wyze Cam v2 Update 4

Another update from Yun.

Another week and more progress. I know I emailed you just a few days ago, but please pardon the short interval as I have great news to share!

The initial production fully met our quality standard so we’ve started to ramp up. In my earlier email, I mentioned we should be ready to start shipping in the week of 4/2. I can now confirm that the first batch of inventory will ship on 4/2. Again, all the orders placed on or before 3/1 are expected to ship before 4/16. We’ll include a USB extension cord with every unit ordered so you will have more freedom in mounting your Wyze Cam the way you like.

In the last few weeks, I’ve received a lot of positive responses from you. I’m humbled by your trust in me and in the Wyze team. I founded Wyze Labs with the goal to make smart home technology products accessible to everyone, and it takes a community to make it happen. With your continued trust and support, we can do this together.

Last, but not least, I hope you will enjoy your new purchase. If there’s anything that fails to meet your expectations, please reach out and let me know (support@wyzecam.com).

Yun Zhang
Founder & CEO, Wyze Labs

Possibly stupid question: in an update to the Wyzecam 2 delayed shipping emails, the CEO stated that they figured out how to clean the dust from 7,000 sample units. Are we getting NEW, unaffected units or cleaned sample units when they ship?

Not at all! That’s a very valid question. You’ll get brand new units for sure! We’ve found a method to avoid dust particles during the manufacturing process.

Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply, looking forward to my Wyze Cam v2! :slight_smile:


thanks for the update, good news!

Ordered 3 yesterday, nothing else on the market gets close to the price and specs of these. Looking forward to receiving them.

Would you consider selling the units with dust particles at a discount price with no warranty?


I would like to know if those are still limited to record motion triggers to the cloud only. If yes, is it still limited to 12 seconds clip with no monitoring for the next 5 minutes.


The website descriptions on the homepage have been updated to version 2 specs and still show the 10-15 second clip info.

Will we be personally notified when our order ships?

Yup! You will get a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number to the email address you used when you placed the order. Thanks!

I have ordered a total of 5 cameras. None came with an extension cord, except the one that I ordered and paid for.

I think the free extension cord only was only delivered to those who pre-ordered the v2 camera when it was first annouced.