Why is Wyze selling New Outdoor Cam to retailers, while making Pre-Orders Wait til October?

Seems like Wyze needed some cash flow, so they did pre-orders from all of us “loyal customers” on the new Outdoor Cam. They tell us we have to wait til October for shipment, but then I see the new product is available at Home Depot and other places NOW! Bad, bad business practice, Wyze. Using your customer base as a BANK, for interest free working capital. Very disappointed!! Will have to take back the recommendations I gave to friends. Instead, warn them.


Hmm… Home Depot pre-ordered these cams like the rest of us.

Ordering products into a retail store, then selling them is how the world works. Home Depot had just as much rite to pre order just the same as you or I. They ordered them in the thousands in hopes that they can sell them, nothing stopped you from doing the same.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Wyze did not disclose this. 3 months is a big difference in delivery leadtime. It was definitely a 3 month interest free loan.

If nothing else it’s weird. I was wondering about all the people posting about using their new WCOs when they weren’t even supposed to have shipped yet. If I had pre-ordered one I’d be pretty upset too.

Don’t know what your referring to, but I was aware of the shipping delay before I bought.

And please stop referring to pre-orders as a loan. If that’s how you understand the agreement and didn’t like it, you shouldn’t have pre-ordered.

The approximate shipping date was on the site, the order page, In the app, and the confirmation email.


But his point isn’t that the shipping date was wrong. His point is that he’s still waiting for something that he now drives by every day he passes a Home Depot store.


I just don’t understand this thinking. Are you upset with the people that ordered 5? In my eyes it’s the exact same thing.

Also it’s worth noting that wyze took all orders until a set date, and invited everyone to order as many as they wanted. Don’t blame wyze because Home Depot ordered a lot of them.


I’m not upset with anyone. No skin in the WCO game. I just understand the frustration. And equating a retail channel with an extended manufacturer direct “pre-order” is odd. The implication was that the Wyze direct orders were first in line. The V2s didn’t appear at Home Depot until years after they were sold by Wyze…

Edit: he’s not alone:


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Wait, I thought it was just the starter bundle being sold at home depot. The expansion cams are at home depot, too?

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From what I can see Home Depot is only selling the starter bundle, which if anyone had ordered the starter bundle on Early Access they should have it by now. The only item that will not ship until October is the expansion cam which as far as I can tell Home Depot is not selling.


I may pick a second starter up at home depot for my folks. I appreciate the response!

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I think you should call the police, the attorney general and invest in a pair of binoculars to sit in the bushes and watch retail stores in your area in case there is some sort of conspiracy going on with Wyze and Home Depot, crap who knows who else may be involved. Go door to door in your neighborhood and warn everyone you can. I am afraid to go to sleep now that I know this is going on. I am making my protest sign as I type this and plan to spend all my time from today through October protesting Home Depot. why did this have to happen? life is so unfair, i will not sit by idle while terrible things like this happen in this world. I would type more but tears are streaming down my face so hard I can no longer see to type.


@mrphotoman My heart goes out to you. Maybe a voice to text app will help you continue this sad saga. :cry: Best of thread award! :trophy:


That’s exactly what it is. WYZE is collecting money to fund their purchase from China.
Whether we agree with this type of business or not is irrelevant.


The definition of loan is :

a thing that is borrowed, especially a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest

How is that anything like buying a product and having to wait for it?

Seriously it doesn’t even make sense. What you did was PRE-ORDER a product before its initial release. No money was replayed and no interest was expected. That makes your transaction nothing like a loan.

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Most preorders require a partial payment then completed payment once the item is ready to ship.
Technically you are correct, it’s not a loan but it’s semantics. Customers are fronting money to a company for a product they don’t have.


Just to clarify
The Outdoor Starter Bundle also does not ship until October
I ordered a Outdoor Starter Bundle for my daughter on July 27, 2020
it shows right in my orders that it will not ship until October


I have two of each I ordered in late July as well.

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Have to admit I too have a starter bundle in “pre order” Why are you holding my money. You obviously have inventory.

I would have waited if I could just walk into Walmart would love to hear a justification for this.

Maybe time to request a refund and then talk to my credit card.


It’s because the outdoor cameras have still not been fully released. The earlier offering was early access and only so many units were made/sold (limited).

This is the second batch of pre orders, as all the early access cameras were sold. If you’re waiting on a pre order for the starter kit, that will be the second run.

It will be the first run of the extension cams.