Disappointed with Wyze

I have been a big supporter of Wyse since they first came out. I have bought quite a bit of product for by family and friends and always recommended them. However, I have noticed that they have gotten really big on pre-ordering items and then having trouble delivering them. And those pre-order items are paid for when order - very helpful for cash flow.

I ordered and paid for two V3 devices in late Oct with the understanding they would ship in Nov. Did not happen. Now I understand that glitches happen, but what really frosts me is when I see them available from large retailers. I would certainly have hoped that Wyze would honor its committments to its early adopters instead of shipping everything to bigger resellers. Expected better from them. So here I sit in Dec with no cams - not right.

What large retailers have them? A quick search of some of the likely candidates did not find any.
And I also pre-ordered in October.

The v3 is not available at any large retailers that I am aware of at this point.

Home Depot carries the V2, Pan Cam, Outdoor Cam, Bulb, Lock, Keypad, and Plug.

Got a link?
If you are mistaken just say so. It’s no big deal.
Not living up to self imposed deadlines is becoming normal for Wyze.:slightly_smiling_face:

I saw something from a retailer around Thanksgiving but did not save it because I figured my cams were on the way.

Check this out - on Amazon - Wyze outdoor camera is in stock and available by Xmas.


## Amazon.com

That is the WCO, the v3 is a different cam. The WCO has been out since mid summer

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My bad. I must have confused them. However, point remains that we are now almost half way through Dec and no cams that we ordered and paid for. I ordered in late Oct. Any idea when I will get them, as you are a moderator and perhaps in the know.

I am a forum moderator but do not work for them so my in the know is actually quite limited. I do have this link which I am being told is up to date. If you ordered in late October it is showing a ship date of sometime this week.

Shipping Dates

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Thanks - hoping this happens.

That shipping seems odd as I ordered My wyze doorbell long before the wyze V3 yet it says V3 this month & doorbell next month

That is because the v3 (even though it went on sale later) was ready before the doorbell