V3 availability?

Does anyone know when we should expect the V3 to be available again? Really need cameras and I wanna try and holdout for the V3.

Once the outstanding preorders are shipped and fulfilled, then keep an eye out on the website for the general release. The last shipping update had it at 75% of the preorders shipped


Why doesn’t Wyze just let us order. Just list it as backordered.

I’m you with and find it very odd that they ceased accepting orders for the v3. It has me thinking that maybe they found some sort of issue that they want to correct before they take additional orders.

You are correct. If you look at the previous shipping update you can see that the pre-order shipping rate only went up 2% in a week. At that rate it will be 12 weeks before all pre-orders are fulfilled.

Looks like it only went up a small amount because Wyze is waiting on more inventory. Id suspect once that arrives, the % will jump alot towards 100%. From the email:

We’ve got most of our current inventory of Wyze Cam v3 sent out and are waiting on additional devices to be received by our warehouses to be able to ship more.

As expected, it’s looking like our next round of devices will come in sometime next week, so we’re thinkin’ that we can get orders up to December 5th shipped out by 1/22. The rest of the orders should be shipped by 2/6 and then we’ll be 100% caught up!

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So we’re atleast another month out before orders will open up. Very upsetting.

My guess would be they are probably fed up with so many complaining about their pre orders shipping on time. I never understand why people get so concerned over something in pre order status. It’s the beginning of a new release and of coarse they can run into complications but most seem to demand there order be on time. I’d assume they are the very same people starting threads complaining of wyze releasing to many new products without making the ones they already have work correctly. Which I do agree on the slowing it down a bit and get our cams right.

It is well worth the wait. I got one on the first pre-order and it is pretty good for low light. It seems to work good. I got another pre-order when Wyze offered $10 off. That one should be in at the end of the month.