Is Wyze Cam V3 REALLY out of stock, or are you trying to sell off your V2 models?

Someone that works in the WYZE supply chain told me there’s no way that you’re out of Cam V3’s and said you’re most likely trying to liquidate your remaining stock of V2 models.

IS THIS TRUE? Are you just sitting on a bunch of Cam V3’s?

This is a Wyze user forum versus an official support site. Very unlikely that anyone here can do more than guess as to what is happening in the supply chain or what the official marketing strategies might be.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @Vamporean!
I’m pretty sure that Wyze has a few left, but those units are needed for warranty replacements or any that haven’t shipped yet.
The V3 will be back in stock when it officially launches, no date has been announced yet.

I don’t think that’s the problem. The V3 is not on Amazon yet. Only the V2. And Home Depot has been discounting the V2 kit and selling out. I think those two sources are burning thru stock as fast as Wyze company would be. Just my half cent.

If you read it on the Interweb then it’s TRUE! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Everyone I know is not ordering any more V2’s and are all waiting for V3’s to become available. I’m glad I jumped on the pre-order when I did. My 2nd V3 is scheduled to arrive tomorrow - WOOT!

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Honestly, they are still shipping out preorders, latest update is expecting the last to go out the week of 2/6, I don’t expect them to ship new orders until the preorders all get shipping labels, so depending on how much stock they have that week, expect ordering to open up not before February, unless they get way ahead of schedule. Of course that’s running right up to Chinese New Year now that I think of it, so unless they have a bunch of big shipments already coming in, it could be a couple more weeks before anyone could get a v3