Wyze Cam V3 Discontinued?

Good evening all,

I purchased a Cam v3 a few weeks ago and was going to pick up another one from Home Depot, but they have been out of stock. It appeared that they were back in stock today; however, when I went to the store they said they did not have any and then their website showed they were out of stock again. Earlier today (07/19/2021) most of the stores had at least 11 in stock. The guy at the store said they have been discontinued. I wanted to order some more but not if they have a new version coming out. I thought the v3 just came out. I know I can order them here, I just wanted to check before I did only to find out the v4 is coming out in September or sooner.


the V3 has not been discontinued to my knowledge. I believe the mods and mavens would have heard at least something about this as there would’ve been a public post.

now on home depot not carrying them anymore…that I do not know. I have seen people asking about that on FB as well. I have heard nothing official on that either.

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It’s no doubt due to the pandemic chip, labor, & shipping shortages. There are millions of V2 users out there wanting V3s, and no sooner did they start pumping them out than we all had to go home. I’m sure they are getting snapped up as soon as someone finds one ATM!

That was one preorder that was worth it’s weight in gold, lol. :slight_smile:

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OK, thanks, that makes sense I guess I can just order one from here or Amazon, just like being able to go to Home Depot and pick one up.

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First I heard of it. And September is pretty close.
But was this from the same


No there is no v4. I was asking if the v3 had been discontinued because Home Depot had them as in stock and then out of stock. When I asked at Home Depot they told me it was discontinued. I was asking here if anyone heard of that. It could be Home Depot is just not able to get them because they are in short supply with the pandemic and the shortage of chips. Home Depot might have discontinued/caring them because of this. I am not sure. I never said there was a v4 coming. I was asking if anyone knows of anything because I did not want to order a v3 if there was a newer version coming out soon.

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