How to preorder an expansion outdoor cam?

I thought I preordered a couple expansion outdoor cams a couple months ago. I Never paid for them and I can’t find any record of it. Anyway…how do I place a preorder now. On the product page, it says limited preorder available.

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Did you ever get an email from Wyze with an order number?
If you didn’t receive an email and you have no record, you may be out of luck. The preorder for the outdoor cameras (starter set and add-on) is over and they will be available again when the outdoor cam officially launches!

Home Depot has a bunch of them, but they are part of the bundle pack which includes a 32 g sd card and base station.

I thought so but I can’t find it.

I have the base station with 1 outdoor cam. It works great. I want to order a couple more cans. Don’t need another base station.

The product page still says preorder available. Is that not true?

I’m not sure that you can order it anyhow. I preordered a starter pack as well as an additional outdoor cam back in August. They only sent me the addotional outdoor cam and ended up letting me know that the ones they had set for delivery in Octobet were sold out… even after taking my money and allowing the preorder 3 months earlier Now I’m stuck with a camera I came even use because they sent me the camera before sending me the a bundle which has the hub. Very frustrating! They did refund the starter bundle but a made no sense at all…

lol. We are on opposite ends. I’ll buy the cam from you. :man_shrugging:t3:

Correct they are sold out and we have to wait for the next release.

But Home Depot sells the WCO bundle for $69.

If you do the math you will spend about the same on 1 camera, a 32g sd card and shipping from

I bought 3 from Home Depot and they work great.

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It is listed as out of stock on the app and online. It’s not going to be available until it launches. Wyze has not released a launch date yet.
You may also be able to find them in your local Home Depot as @pete454ss mentioned!

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I have 3 that I purchased from Home Depot

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