Is the outdoor cam available and shipping now or not until August and will there be any bundle discounts?

I wasn’t clear if people are simply ordering the base station and one camera now and not receiving it until August or are they getting them right away ?

ALSO: I did read where addition cameras will be available separately in August, but will Wyze offer any bundle discounts like if you buy more than one camera at a time, or maybe if you buy a base station and 4 cameras bundle, or a base station and 2 cameras bundle, ect. ?


The Outdoor Expansion Camera is $39.99 each. I’m not aware of any bundle discounts, but they may offer something like that in future.

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Does anyone know when the Outdoor Expansion Cameras will be available to order?

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@mrscarpa On the site it says “Available for pre-order soon” but no specific date was given.

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You’re welcome!

You’re “backing” this. So, basically, they’re done and you’re pre-ordering it to fund an initial shipment of “gold master” hardware.


I definitely won’t place it outdoors if mine comes gold plated :wink:

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It’s true. All of it.