Wyze outdoor cam question

Does anyone know when the next release or pre order is expected to be? I would like to know any kind of time frame thank you!

Welcome to the forums! Did you sign up on the “notify me” link for when they are back available for order?

Do you have any home depot’s near you? I believe most home depot’s have WCOs in stock. Most around me each have a handful of WCOs.


I have signed up for the “notify me” and the home depots around me are out of stock

Welcome to the Wyze community @Magic-Shop!

They have them on their website:

Only the starter kits though.

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If I get it from home depot will I still be able to add on another camera once they come out again?

The starter set is the same one that is sold by Wyze. You’ll just have to purchase an expansion camera if you don’t want 2 bases.


Ok great thank you


It does seem odd, and certainly bad logistical planning that my local Home Depot would have “52” Outdoor Cam starter kits, yet not “1” expansion camera in sight…