WCO V2 At Home Depot

Looks like this is at Home Depot now

Will this be available from the Wyze store or is it a Home Depot exclusive ?


Be careful if you do get it with the firmware updates for the base station. The firmware bricked mine.

Luckily I skipped it and eventually the firmware was pulled.

I think i was bitten by the bad firmware. I thought the base station was online but not sure if the first boot attempts to download the latest firmware.

As soon as mine got bricked and I saw there was no way to flash the firmware with an earlier version, I packed everything back up, and brought it back to HD for a refund. I will just get another after the firmware issues are all straightened out.

I just picked one up from Home Depot.

Unfortunately HD doesn’t stock individual V2 cameras. They only carry the starter bundle.

I have no idea when/where I will be able to buy additional cameras to use with this. That’s frustrating.

I think Home Depot jumped the gun as usual. They’re probably weeks ahead of the whole WCO V2 marketing and inventory campaign.

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A lot of the updates are to frustrate you to
Just pay them more money.

Hi all Wyze give me a 50.00 Amazon card for
Hacking all your problems!
For SD card to work and play back

  1. Format SD card after installing into camera
  2. No HD recording only SD recording
  3. SD card records up to 29gigs that is it, it doesn’t
    Start to copy over old files!
  4. SD card stops recording at the 29 gigs the only
    Way to get it to record again is to reformat it.
  5. Before you reformat it down load all files

Aircrew USAF. Staff Sgt Williams

So Wyze paid you $50 for telling you a 32 GB card only records 29GB? That’s not unusual for an SD card, and it records more on 128 GB cards. :slight_smile:

As for not recording over old files, that would be news, but mine records over old files?