Wyze outdoor camera recordings

I used to loved this outdoor wireless camera over the Arlos i had. I was convinced that going forward i would countue buying Wyze cameras. But now, with all this Cam Plus Lite, can’t record to SD Card, etc, i don’t like the camera anymore. It was perfect before, I’d get recorded motions, check them out and delete it. O
Now, all we get is 12 seconds. I have SD card in the camera, the base, no saved videos yet with all the motion going on. If I’m doing something wrong, tell me please, because I spent hours trying. I do consider myself mid range good-at-tech, but the SD card, has me stumped.

There is a known bug with the latest firmware for the sd recordings in the wireless outdoor cam. From what I understand it’s being worked on and the fix should hopefully be out with the next update.

The event tab on the app only shows your cloud recordings (which is the only thing affected by the cam plus lite subscription - which also can be subscribed to for free using the custom amount option).

Once the bug for the outdoor cam is available for the update the cameras as capabilities should go back to like before.


Wow, did you really just respond to my post!?!? Impressive! I’ll keep tinkering around once this SD card bug is fixed. Finger crossed! Thank you!

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No problem! The outdoor cam is a bit different than the other cameras, but I have 3 of them and I noticed the bug, too.

There is a bit of confusion about this. To my understanding, The WOC sd card has never recorded anything other than the scheduled recordings, timelapse, and travel mode. and those were not viewable in the app (correct me if I’m wrong.) I have no idea about the SD card in the base though.

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There was also event recording to the sd from the base station. No continuous recording due to battery constraints. I only really used the sd card in the base, as I figured putting one in the outdoor camera itself was pointless if it got stolen. I did use it in travel mode quite frequently, though.

A lot of people use the scheduled recordings for the woc.

ah, ok I don’t have an sd card in mine.

Yeah, the woc is way different than the other cameras. Took some getting used to, and it definitely has a specific purpose that may not fit everyone’s needs.

the cloud storage is all i use for the WOCs

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I got a regular subscription to cam plus, mainly because I have my pan cams, v2, and v3 set to continuously record but I liked the AI features for cloud events.

I have Cam Plus and a Wyze Outdoor Cam. I enabled cam plus in the app. Watching the live video, I can see it highlight box the motion, but nothing ever shows up in the album. How do I enable motion detection and how do I access the videos in the cloud? I see the blue light turn on when it senses motion. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.

Hello @gkowen and welcome to the forms. In the future, I would encourage you to create a new topic about your issue. That said I can try to help you out here.

When you say the album, are you revering to the events tab in the Wyze app or something different?


I have no SD cards in camera or base station. Wyze app watching live video, click more then album

What you need to do is when you open the Wyze app there is a tab on the bottom that says Events

Click on that and your motion detection events that are stored on the cloud should be there

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Thank you. I found them. Much appreciate the help and so fast