V3 Still Not Shipped

Ordered two V3’s October 27, 2020 (credit card processed that same date), STILL not shipped, no useable information from Wyze. Cannot get a refund since Wyze states the order is at the “warehouse”, multiple emails/calls/questions have been to no avail.

Has anyone figured out how to get an order with the above status cancelled and a refund issued so I can begin to give all of my business to Ring or someone else that is more professional?


I ordered mine at about the same time and received a message yesterday that it had shipped. I’m hoping to get it within the next couple of days.

I have a notification request put in back in Oct to let me know when they become available. Still no reply. My quess is it’s because they have been selling most of their inventory to Home Depot. Company may have gotten to big too fast and are forgetting about the people who made them successful in the first place.

Terrible customer service seems to be their hallmark. I paid in full on October 27, 2020, still no cameras, no shipping info other than a seemingly made-up tracking #, and Wyze just doesn’t care. I have had over a dozen contacts with them, all unsatisfactory and all responses from them have been filled with erroneous information.

Like I said, terrible customer service!

I just got mine yesterday - but didn’t realize that the cameras don’t work on their own - you need a base station to go with. I just ordered the ‘starter kit’, a base station plus a camera, so I can move forward. If you’re like me, you might have incorrectly guessed these cameras would work with your router. (support pages do a good job of explaining why a base station is a good idea anyway)

What area of the country are you in? I am in Indiana and ordered 4 the same day you did. I received my order complete on 11/25. However, there is a distribution center for Wyze products in Greenwood Indiana which is about an hour from me.

Two different products.

The V3 plugs into power and connects directly to wifi.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor runs on rechargable battery and connects to a base station (which needs to be plugged in to your router - a future update will let it connect wirelessly)


Georgia, north of Atlanta. The lack of information from Wyze is astonishing, I have no idea if I will ever see the cameras and no means to recoup my money from them.

The v3 is not selling in Home Depot so they have not been selling the inventory to them

UPDATE; After 14 total contacts, Wyze has finally acknowledged that my shipment must be “lost” (even though they have never actually given me a qualified tracking #) and have now issued me a “replacement for lost order” which has a whole new order #. It will be curious to see how long it takes this order to get into the system.

Why do I feel like I’m being set up once again?

Just got my Wyze V3 cameras in.
Hooked right up to our WIFI
Works great. Clearer picture than our older Wyze cameras.
Going to order more after first of the year when they come available again.
Took a while to get but worth the wait.
Very Happy with the new WyzeV3.


Update #2: it’s now January 5th and so far, still no shipping information for the replacement units. Going on 10 weeks since the initial “pre-order” date …

Can’t make this stuff up

I got my 2, Ordered on Nov 15 Got it DEC 30, so around a month and half.

I feel the same, but have to admit this time it is FedEx and USPS. I keep getting notifications that my shipment will arrive tmw only to find out that it hasn’t even left the warehouse! It’s one thing to give an estimated arrival date and another to provide fake tracking data.

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Placed Nov 29.
Received Jan 5.

Update #3: the two V3’s arrived today, January 11, 2021. It is the last time I will ever pre-order anything from Wyze. Just terrible service, 3.5 months wait time

Not to fond of Pre-Orders, Mine took month and half. I live in California, and mine came from Southern Calif, Fontana, I believe.
However, I am 100% satisfied with the Quality and Features of my 2 units. V3 is Excellent, Most likely will order more!

I placed an order November 27 and was under the impression I got a V3 free for every cam plus I bought and I bought 3 of them but still have never received any v3’s…

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I also ordered Nov. 27. Paid for the Cam Plus and got an email January 11 saying my order for the Cam v3 had shipped and should arrive in 4 - 10 days. When I put the tracking number they gave me into the Fedex tracking site, it says Fedex never received the item. So I finally sent a message to Wyze yesterday. They messaged me back asking for my address and said they would process it to be sent. My whole order was missing from my account. Today the order is back in there with the same tracking number showing it was shipped. I messaged again and got a bot reply with links to articles to read for “helpful info.” I saw in the earlier comments, others got fake tracking info for items that never shipped as well. I just want the camera, but I’m about ready to file fraud charges with my credit card, and maybe go throught the BBB process.

How did you contact them because I can’t find any contact information whatsoever… When I sent emails it was just a bot like you said and I have never gotten any return emails or anything …I can’t believe they have no phone listed or no way whatsoever to contact them so I haven’t even been able to let them know of my issue… my cameras do not even pick up half of anything going on so I’m just about to take a loss in buy cameras elsewhere…