V3 purchase and cancellation

When the V3 was offered I immediately processed a purchase.
Received two email confirmations the item was paid for and would be shipped.
This morning I get one email stating item will ship within 3-7 days followed by another email that the transaction was cancelled.
The payment was processed and taken from my account on 11-02-2020 and still shows being taken - NOT PENDING, but processed.
I called in this morning and spoke with two reps both with no clue what to do and the only suggestion was to process another purchase. That I find laughable - why would I give away another $28.05. I AM LIVID.

Similar experience. Purchased V3 Cameras. Card was approved and charged. Next day charge was refunded. Said to reorder… but I took this a bad omen and didn’t reorder.
My existing V2s will just have to wait it out without company…


Thanks Chas - it’s good to know I’m not the only one that had this problem.
My other Wyze cams and devices will just have to wait for their outdoor buddy until Wyze lets the pros (like amz) handle the sales/distribution!

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I also ordered a V3 immediately & got 2 payment confirmations & have not gotten any cancellation. Today I ordered 2 more & got both confirmations. I just don’t like the December ship date.

Cheers, Jon