Cancelled V3 Pro Order...What a Pain!

So I ordered a couple V3 Pro cameras two weeks ago and they still haven’t shipped. A friend of mine ordered his a day or so after I made my order and his arrived to him, but not mine. I called Wyze to find out when my cameras will ship and after being on hold for 10 minutes I was told they don’t have that information. I was kind of fed up at that point and asked to just cancel my order and was placed on hold again for another 20 minutes. I spent 33 minutes on this call and was on hold the majority of it. Never again Wyze, you’ve lost me as a customer!

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You can have mine, it’s functionally useless out of the box. Constant error 90 codes or error 27 codes. They’re not even cheap anymore, they’re relatively expensive and I’m tired of these things not working or requiring firmware resets etc… It’s not even an hour in use and I’ve already had to shut the breaker off several times. I’d just cancel your order if I were you.

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I cancelled my order today as well. I ordered a 2 pack of v3 pros on 11-4-2022 .

I guess I just had bad luck and never got my package , meanwhile others are getting theirs . I called Wyze up today and cancelled the order and will receive the full refund . I feel like I wasted $105…

looks like the v3 pros won’t be in stock until 2-4 weeks from now , I’ll place an order then but really disappointed in this .

Wyze should’ve been stocked up for this release . We saw this happen with the air purifier , they ran out of stock instantly and we’re on back order for months.

The same may happen with the v3 pros… please prepare better Wyze !


I did cancel my order. I’ve had it with Wyze!


They wouldn’t even cancel my order and I only ordered 2 regular V3’s and they can’t explain where my order went either. Such a horrible set up they have. I will not be ordering any more Wyze products. Use to be a huge fan and told people to buy their stuff all the time. Now they will hear my new story

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Same here. I ordered 2 v3pros Oct 26th. They said they would start shipping Nov 4th. Saw some bad reviews & asked to cancel my order. Wasted alot of time on this. They will not cancel! Hasn’t shipped. Still no tracking number. Its now Nov 15th. I hear on the forum people are saying these things are back ordered, but they won’t cancel an order when it hasn’t shipped yet! They tell me to return it when I get it! So disgusted with this company! Recently got an email to review the cameras that I never received!!

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Good luck returning it. I tried but get nowhere. Called support and waited on hold for like thirty minutes. Was told they had manually generated the return email. No return email has ever showed up. Had to dispute it with the credit card company.

Yup. They are telling me the same thing about the regular V3’s I ordered. Can’t cancel the order need to return them when I get them. How can I return them if you want send them to me in the first place. Such a crappy way of doing business. And these moderators on here don’t respond any more either after the first interaction on the post maybe because they see they can’t do anything either? I disputed with my CC so I say you do the same