Has V3 Pro Camera Shipped?

Just wondering if Wyze has started shipping the V3 Pro camera’s yet.

Yes, shipping has started. I received mine yesterday.

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I received an email yesterday saying mine was shipped.

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Mine was supposed to ship but no surprise it did not ship when they said. Typical of Wyze and shipping.

Got mine yesterday as well.

When was your supposed to be shipped? What day did you purchase the v3ps?

I bought it the first day (within a couple hours) it was released, was supposed to ship last week.

I received an E-Mail late Friday that mine had shipped.

And my two cameras were waiting for me when I got to work Monday morning. Package tracking shows that it was delivered Saturday just after lunch. I have a WiFi here at work with the same SSID and PW as what the cameras will use at home, so I will set them up when I have time today…

I received my v3 Pro cameras yesterday, but I can’t use them because the Play Store is only offering the old version of the Wyze app ( The version that supports the v3 Pro cameras is

How do I turn off motion tagging (the damn green box)? The settings on the V3 Pro are very different than the V3 non-pro.

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Click on the gear icon > detection settings and it’ll be below the detection zone setting

Well, that’s nicely HIDDEN!

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Yes I was watching life hacksters v3 pro review video last night and I noticed that the motion tagging setting was no longer on the live view . It was hidden in the detection settings .

Having to click twice to find a simple setting is a bit backwards … not sure why Wyze placed it their.

I liked having it on the live view of the camera as a short cut.

I think it’s bc if all of the other short cuts on the live view that are taking up space

Pardon my ignorance, but what Motion Tagging does?

It’s that annoying little green box that shows you what is setting off the camera for events.

I know what it is, but what does it do? Just shows you what is triggering the events or it has another purpose? Does it affect notifications if disabled? Annoying would be an understatement :wink:

Does nothing but annoy.

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Ordered 3 V3 pros, plus 4 other cameras and 2 electronic door locks back on the 28th, none has shipped, these incompetents in customer service couldn’t even find my order except tor the V3 Pros, have called 4 times with totally clueless customer service reps, tried to cancel the $350 order as none has shipped after 10 days, but they refused. Wyze used to have good customer service, now it is the worst I ever experienced. Just received an e-mail saying the whole order won’t ship till the V3 Pros are available again, I guess they are now on back-order, so they are holding up all the other items I ordered till who knows when, they can’t tell me. Totally unacceptable. Buying elsewhere, never buy from this shady company.