New V3 pro with light

Why would anyone pay $50.00 for a camera that used to be $20.00 - because it has a light?
Then all they do is make that camera unusable by constantly trying to sell there cloud services which are monthly fee’s that are endless. You can find an outdoor Pan Tilt Zoom with SD card for less on Amazon that does not have these cloud plus fees. This company started out right a camera for 19.99. Then turned into begging to make more money. Products are just ok they don’t stand behind them. You have to talk to tech support from India. And they will give you no satisfaction. I have had many people buy these camera’s. But at 50 dollars they are not worth it anymore. And camera plus – what a joke. Use an SD card. They even took software off the camera so you have to have camera plus to have a decent camera with better options. Sad this company is not following it’s startup pledge at all. what’s next camera with auto-iris?


V3Pro provides more than just a spotlight. 2K resolution, Edge AI, and other items with hardware changes as well. Guess I am saying that this is not an apple to apple comparison.

The Cost of the V3 Camera is $30 not $20. The Cost of the V3Pro is $50. Prices listed do not take into account any specials or savings.

For $20 more you do get a lot more bang for the buck. IMHO.

As I have said before, I appreciate your opinions and everyone can have them, but we need to look at all of the facts when providing information. I personally have had no major issues with any of the devices and when I have, I or Wyze was able to correct it with either a FW update or an adjustment to a setting.

I would be interested to know what software you are referring to. If it is the AI from the past, then that was not something they did, but rather were told to stop using it after Apple purchased the product or company and then decided Wyze could not use it. Legally, they had to remove it. Cam Plus provided what was removed. Wyze has been working on getting back to using Edge AI and has put it on some cameras already and will be doing more in the future.

I would assume you have Wyze Devices and potentially have or had issues with them, can you shed some light on what you have and what issues you may be experiencing so the community may be able to assist.


When Wzye started to charge $1.99 per camera or 24.00 per year for camera plus - give me a break.
SD cards work just fine. You don’t need cloud for anything. That’s why you buy WYZE in the first place.
Here is an example of a PTZ camera for $25.00. Far exceed the specs on WYZE camera’s.

acelerar 2K Security Camera Outdoor - 3MP Color Night Vision Video Surveillance Cameras, Pan & Tilt 360degree View with Motion Detection Wi-Fi Home System, Smart Alerts,Micro SD Card&Cloud Storage

Brand: acelerar I do not work for anybody either.

The WYZE outdoor camera. Just place anywhere - after about 3 months they are pure junk. Call tech support. If you buy the camera anywhere but at WYZE internet site. The warranty is no good. But you can get tech support from INDIA - They will run you around in circles. They speak English but don’t understand a word you are saying. Then they will ask you a question and put you on hold. While they get an answer from someone else. With questions like - did you plug it in. reset the camera when it won’t go on. Ask for a serial number when it won’t turn on. I can go on and on. Part 2 - I had a great company to send people it was called WYZE to get a camera for little money, that worked really well. And to this day those first camera’s are still working. The outdoor battery camera is pure junk and they don’t stand behind it at all. I bought 3 at home depot - no warranty because I bought them there. 2 are junk the other one is still the box. You sound like you know something about camera’s, but probably do not have a clue what’s out there for much less money.

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Looks like a solid camera at a great price.

I would also note that it has no integrations (Alexa Google, IFTTT, Home Assistant) or even a proprietary eco-system like the Wyze cameras and services do. Which I am sure equates to the lower cost.

If a stand alone system is the use case, this looks like a great solution, along with many others in a long list of Home Cameras.

I for one am happy we (consumers) have multiple options to choose from based on our wants and needs from a system and that a lot of those options are not so expensive that we have to sacrifice a grocery trip’s worth of money to try some of these devices to determine what fits our desires and resources.

I highly encourage anyone wanting to get into this tech to make a list of what their personal
Must Have
Should/Could Have
and Don’t Need (s) are

Then match that to a budget and make an informed decision.
I think most would find that management of that informed choice is much easier.

I also know that @spamoni4 has a lot of clues, but did the above… and not so much of the above, given he has a lot of space dedicated to tech unused in boxes, closets… a whole spare bedroom. :smiley:


Probably operator error :rofl: :rofl:
My 4 WCO are 2 years old and work just fine, the :raccoon: like them too. :grin:


Heh, I have been through a lot of different Vendor Products: Arlo, Hubitat, Smart Things, Home Assistant, and a few others. I also purchased a lot of Zigbee and zwave devices to work on the different Smart Hubs. That is why I needed a lot of Drawers and a room dedicated to this. :wink:

Finally settled on Wyze with a some Home Assistant inclusion. I have not had any or minimal issues with my setup. I have multiples of the Cameras with the exception of the V1 and Pan Cam V1. All of which has worked.

So no complaints from me.


Just by reading some of the reviews on Amazon, this camera has the same if not more issues than any of Wyze cameras.

Can you point me to at least one tech company that is not using India for their tech support?

I don’t get this. I bought all my cameras at Home Depot and Wyze didn’t refuse warranty replacement on the one that died. Also, Home Depot has a 90 day return policy. Just pack them up and Bob’s your uncle.

If you are not happy with Wyze, go ahead and switch brands. No need to come to user to user forum and bitch about it. Better yet, call Wyze and complain to them.


I thought it was 30 days?

Here in Canada it is 90. I bet it’s the same in the states as well.


Oh , I was told from HD it was 30 .

I got a replacement floodlight from them when my first one had some issue and they replaced it under the 30 day buy period.

Idk I’ll have to check again . It says it in the receipt . I bought a VDP from HD just yesterday and I’ll check the receipt again …

Why do you think I am writing it here- They don’t listen anymore. Talk to a tech in India is like talking to a kid in grade school. I Like the way the company started. Don’t like the scam that is going on. Do not just look at one camera there are dozens that are better, for less money that can do more.

I agree with you - I have quite a few of there camera’s that work great. Try to get some warranty work done and you will see what they put you through when they know the product is bad. The outdoor camera is pure junk - and Wyze won’t stand behind it. The people in India are not technicians. They answer the phone put you on hold. Then tell you what there technician tells than to say. And it is a long hold. I guess I am venting. But the technical support used to be good… they would take care of any problems. Now it is like you have a problem and you get the run around, for longer than it should take.

Wish mine were like yours.

Here, straight from the Home Depot’s web site:

Again, I had no issue with warranty replacement. It took three emails and I had the replacement next day shipped to my doorstep.

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I have had no issue. I also have worked with a PM as well to try and determine the issue, which is far more than other companies I dealt with.

Note: Not saying there isn’t room for improvement, but all companies has room for improvement.

My Outdoor cam has been rock solid, had some growing pains in the beginning, but no issues since. I do read where some have issues and see where some were resolved. Others have received replacements, and others just don’t want to do the troubleshooting. Everyone’s experience is different and I am the type of person who likes challenges when there are some issues. But as I said, I don’t have the same experience as you are experiencing.

From what I can tell, Wyze is working on their support efforts to enhance it and is even working on the Chat side of it as well. They are also building a Smart Support within the device itself to help correct some issues.

For a 5 year old company, they have come a long way from where they were.


I agree with you - I was probably one of the few they just ran around in a circle, with no satisfaction.

It is good to here 30 day warranty issue resolved. Mine was two outdoor cameras that were 9 months old. Both of mine had completely dead batteries. They would not take a charge, thus they would not work. They would not turn on. I paid a lot for junk that can not be fixed and must be replaced. They offered $20.00 off a new camera, good for 30 days. That covers some mailing costs and about $!4.00 for another outdoor camera. After 2 went bad with no satisfaction. I found better cam’s at much less prices that do more. I am not telling you what to do, but this is what I did.

The camera in question was ten months old. Wyze like every other company has 1 year warranty.

Do you mind sharing which one did you go with?

Sure but do your own research - 24.99 does so much more for less. But there are much better of course for more money, The light bulb camera’s are better for 14.99 and up. But here is where you start for an outdoor ptz camera. On amazon. Type this in. Outdoor Security Camera with Pan-Tilt 360° View, 3MP WiFi Home Surveillance Camera with Auto Tracking, Motion Detection& Alerts, Two Way Audio, IP65 Waterproof, 128G SD Card Slot&Cloud