Okay I feel like I got swindled

I haven’t even received my Wyze Cam v3s yet and already they lowered the price. Lame :frowning:

They haven’t? There are bundle deals…

I just tried to buy 2 more and they are selling for $4 less than what I paid 3 days ago

Did you pay $27.99?

They are now $19.99 if I don’t add the Cam Plus

Not sure why your cart is different.Screenshot from 2021-03-25 18-19-51

@young.clarkh, you’re a Cam Plus subscriber so you have the special pricing for the V3. You may have paid mor if you didn’t have Cam Plus. This price will only show up for users who are signed in with their Wyze account(with Cam Plus).
@angus.black are you signed in and subscribed to Cam Plus? That may be why your price is different,


So in short, the original poster is paying EXACTLY the same price as he or she did originally. It’s just that Wyze forced a CamPlus bundle with the first purchase, and the single camera price is available only to existing CamPlus users like him/her.

There was no lowering of any price and no one was swindled.

It may not be considered a swindle but it ain’t good business practice.
There is no mention that if you take the Time Limiter Offer that you will also save $4.00 on future camera purchases for a month.
I assume his price will go back to $23.99 when the sub is over?
Not sure why having a subscription would lower the price of future cameras. Subs are 1:1 for each camera.

They have to repeat it / emphasize more clearly then - this is supposed to be temporary in order to limit V3 sales to CamPlus customers due to the chip shortages. Or at least that’s the story. Seems consistent so far.

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Good luck receiving your product. I don’t know where to post this but Wyze needs to find a company other than Fed Ex to delivery. One of the Wyze team and I have been monitoring my shipment which they sent Ground. It was sitting in a facility for 4 days just 5 miles from my house and no attempt to deliver. Then on the 24th it was loaded on a truck to deliver to my house but no attempt as I had a pan cam there to watch for it. Then it was taken back to the facility and has sat again supposedly going to USPS which is refusing it and now I get a message that there is to be no delivery at all. I am out $126 on this order because Wyze picks the most incompetent company in existance. To a Wyze Maven can you have Gwendolyn look into ticket #1124314 for me please? I want a refund to my card since it’s obvious that Fed Ex has no intention of delivering. The complaints on Fed Ex’s Facebook page as well as BBB is really horrible. Please find a better way of ensuring we get our stuff to us. I don’t really want to be going through the hassle of having my credit card cancel the order

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Can anyone help? They are refusing to refund my money

Did Wyze see the no delivery message?

I never like seeing when a package is coming from fed ex. I wonder why the post office did not accept it??

I signed into my account, but I never asked to enable cam plus. Maybe that happens automagically.

Frankly, I have no interest in Cam Plus, but I guess I’m forced to have it with the purchase of the camera.

Yes, with that first camera since their current policy is limiting all V3s to CamPlus customers. Once you were a known CamPlus customer you could buy more at the same $20 rate. It’s kind of dumb but that first 4 bucks was a relatively small premium.

The bundles at Home Depot include it too (and free CamPlus trials have been forced for a year or so). It’s a money maker for them.

It seems the lower price cameras don’t have the month of CamPlus though. So you are esentially paying $4 for the month of CamPlus with the first camera. A month of CamPlus is normally $1.99.

Oh? Then I give up on doing Wyze math. I thought it was supposed to work out that they were still nominally keeping to the $20 price point.

Shipment from FedEx came. Wyze did contact FedEx with the tracking info and the cam monitored the Fed Ex truck being escorted by the supervisor to make a delivery. I guess the drive would have had $126 worth of cams had I not said something. This is why it’s important that we keep after them about their shipping procedure as I’m sure Wyze would like to know when we have bad delivery. Yet I understand that for every person who has superb UPS delivery (me) just as many have horrible UPS deliveries so same with their current shipping company of FedEx. So what can you do. Too bad Wyze can’t hire their own drivers to deliver like Amazon does in some areas with Prime deliveries.

I don’t know why USPS was refusing since it was first smart post, then ground then smart post again. I suspect it’s the 5 or 6 label on top of label that Fed Ex slapped on the box.

Anyone know how I can remove Cam Plus entirely from my account? I have no intention of using it and I want to see how the V3 performs without it.

I also am wondering if they can refund me the cam plus on the second camera. I only should be charged $4 for the first one.

I don’t want to come across as a complainer. Truthfully this V3 is a wonderful device and is well worth the price I paid.

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you deactivate it for the Camera’s you don’t want to use.

  • Start the app
  • Go to Account Tab
  • Tap on Services
  • Tap on CamPlus
  • Click on Edit
  • Uncheck the camera’s you don’t want in CamPlus.
  • Click Activate

When done, the Camera will be removed from CamPlus.

Note: you will go back to 12 second recordings. However, if you have an SD Card, you can setup continuous recordings on the V2 and V3.

If you don’t mind, what are you trying to verify or test?