Okay I feel like I got swindled

Thank You, that worked.

I do have SD cards in the cameras, I like that better than the cloud recordings.

I just want to test the V3 functionality under normal conditions, without Cam Plus features.

I totally agree. you will get faster notifications (12 seconds only), but no person or AI notifications. However, your motion will be recorded on the SD Card, longer than the 12 seconds. You will have to Play with the sensitivity as well. Hopefully soon they will release the grid detection zone for the V3.

Good luck on your endeavors.

Let us know how your testing goes.

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That is very confusing.

You consider what you had superb service? :blush:

Yes a grid detection zone is so needed on the v3, I have a situation where the current detection zone just doesn’t work for me so I keep it off and get hundreds of events sometimes on that camera. If I use it I lose a area I need to watch. Guess I could get around this by using 2 cameras. The thing is a updated grid zone would not just help me but also help in keeping the Wyze cam plus cloud less clogged up with videos of trees and shade blowing around. By the time you get 14 days of hundreds of tree blowing sometimes 5 min videos it has to add up. And surely I’m not the only one. This would help save cloud space for Wyze in my case big time.

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Yea - yesterday was extremely windy here. My phone Kept going off, can’t imaging how much storage was used on my stuff alone.

I saw that they are working on it, the latest Beta App indicated this:

  • Added support for a custom motion detection zone for Wyze Cam v3 (future firmware update required).

So I think it is close to coming.

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I had one order for the wyze door bells that got lost from fedex and wyze sent me another order. I then ordered a vacuum and fedex came to my state for delivery and then looped backed to previous state to only go back to my state for delivery 10 days later. I had to wait 14 days for my vacuum to get delivered.
I called fedex and they told me that wyze needed to refund my shipping. Fedex admitted it was their fault, but wanted wyze to refund. That is crazy in my book! I never called wyze about it because it didn’t feel right to blame them.

You should call Wyze. It techinically may not be their fault but they are the company that chose to send your product viaFedEx, not you. If you don’t let them know they have to assume FedEx is doing a good job.

I probably will