V3 Price Increase

Got an email from Wyze saying the V3 camera got a $4 price increase. I know that’s not a lot but with so many people out of work and businesses lost during this pandemic, it’s just one more thing that’s gone up in price. And while the V3 with the Starlight sensor it’s a huge improvement, I’d really like to see Wyze give us a 4K camera so when I zoom in on someone, I can actually make out their face or vehicles license plate number. And I’m willing to buy the cameras all over again if they were 4K. I currently have a ton of V2 cameras and 10 V3’s

How did you manage to get 10 V3 preorder perhaps. I’ve been trying to snag one but It still saying “Available in January” almost have way through January. :frowning:

I pre ordered 4 then about a week later checked on it and I couldn’t see my order anywhere, because apparently pre orders don’t show up. So then I ordered 6 more and I guess it was outside of the pre order time table and before the January time table.

From Wyze’s last e-mail update… This is the timeline on V3s:

Wyze Cam v3:

  • Orders from 11/27 - 12/6 used to say should ship by 1/22…

👉 Orders from 11/27 - 12/6 have already shipped. (By 1/20)

  • Orders from 12/7 - 12/22 used to say should ship by 2/6…
    👉 Orders from 12/7 - 12/14 have already shipped. (By 1/20)
    👉 Orders from 12/15 - 12/22 should ship by 1/29.

As of yesterday (1/26/2021) the video on the Wyze website touting the features of the V3 camera says it’s available “for the same price of $19.99”. Someboy needs to update the video. :grin:


uhh originally the Wyze V3 posts said avaliable in January 2021 now it is Shipped in December 2020. Also, the V3 posts isn’t showing the cam features but instead the vacuum. I’ve been trying to get one. Any ideas?

As of the update this morning, it looks like they have shipped out all the preordered V3s.

But for new ordering of the V3s, that may be a little while longer … There was some shortage of internal components from the suppliers, etc.

I can order it right now thanks


The price increase appears to be because the pre-order price was never intended as the permanent price. I’m sure that it was mentioned somewhere that the price would be going up on full release. That was part of the incentive to preorder, and why I preordered 4 instead of just 1 to test.
The latest email is about cam plus member pricing, what it sounds like is people with cam plus will get something like the preorder pricing. Companies have to do things like this in order to offer better pricing for direct sales than the full retail price. Otherwise, amazon would drop their price to match and pass the loss back to wyze, that’s part of the amazon contract. Other retailers would just stop selling due to being undercut by direct sales.

nope, the v3 pricing “promise” was just a “lie”.

The Wyze Cam v3 is finally available for purchase after a short launch-day website snafu, but that $20 launch price the company told us during our review hasn’t quite panned out — at least, not the way any of us thought it would. Right now, the only way to way to buy the camera is with a Cam Plus subscription, which can cost you almost twice as much, depending on how you do it. And when sales open more widely later, it still won’t be $20.

Right now, there are two ways to buy the Wyze Cam v3. Cam Plus subscribers already paying for a subscription can pick one up for $20 (plus $5 for shipping, as usual). Everyone else will need to either pay $35 (plus $5 for shipping) for a Wyze Cam v3 plus a year of Cam Plus, or you’ll need to subscribe to Cam Plus separately ($2 a month or $15 a year) and qualify for that $20 pricing. Additional cameras on top of the $35 price will only cost $20, so you can add one $35 camera to your cart and then load up on the $20 versions, and the Wyze Cam v3 does not need Cam Plus to work, so you can buy one for a friend or cancel your subscription after purchase.

If you think you can circumvent the Cam Plus requirement by buying another Wyze product with a Cam Plus trial, we’re told by the company that won’t work.

The product listing originally and misleadingly claimed that the $35 price included free shipping, but we’re told that was a “typo.”

Wyze claims this adjusted pricing is due to issues securing components and that things will change when supplies even out. But even then, we’re told that non-Plus subscribers won’t get the camera at the original $20 price the company claimed last year. The stabilized price for non-subscribers will be $24 (again, plus $5 shipping — see a trend?), though it will remain $20 for Cam Plus subscribers. This is even more frustrating when you consider pre-orders managed to get the real $20 price without being Cam Plus subscribers.

Jump to 0:41 for Wyze’s original claim that pricing wouldn’t change.

In short, Wyze’s original claims that the new camera wouldn’t raise prices over the prior version, which ran a flat $20 without any required subscriptions, are bunk. Customers either pay more right now by virtue of the mandatory cost of Cam Plus, or they pay more later at the higher $24 non-Cam Plus pricing. But no matter what, everyone pays more than the $20 the company originally claimed last year, and more than the $20 folks paid during the original pre-order period.

As an aside, I was on deck to pick up probably five of these for my new house, and while I’m totally fine paying more given the increased costs and ongoing shortages, I’m upset by the company’s efforts to obfuscate this change. This overly-complex pricing, paired with a lack of sufficient communication regarding pricing changes, has me sketched out. Rather than reward this sort of behavior, I think I’ll hold out for another product — ideally with better Assistant integration.


Wyze takes down videos that indicated $20 Cam v3 price

Wyze tells us it is unlisting its videos and ads, like the one embedded below, which previously indicated the price for the Wyze Cam v3 would be the same as the v2.

While rising prices due to silicon shortages makes sense, because that’s actually a thing, the company has handled the Cam v3’s launch poorly. Its email to customers, apologizing for the shortages and Cam Plus exclusivity, makes no mention of the price increase, nor did the embargoed materials it shared regarding the announcement to venues like ours, nor does the current product listing. Add to that the new overly complicated pricing scheme that pushes customers to pick up a subscription, and Wyze’s failure to properly illuminate its pricing changes border on misleading — now further compounded by its attempts to remove references to its original claims in its prior videos.


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See, Wyze lies to us all the time. At the very least, they pop off about things without thinking the through and this will be their undoing. If they ever come out with a 4K cameras, I can just imagine how much they’re going to inflate the price on it too.

And while businesses these days like to push subscription services that are good for them, they’re not so good for consumers.

I bought the robot vac and am supposed to receive a free V3. I am not a Cam+ subscriber so guess mine won’t be in this latest batch available. Sucks when I’ve bought almost every single product they’ve made, spent 100’s of $ and get treated 2nd class. I don’t want Cam+.

I also purchased a vacuum. I did receive an email stating the free V3 (assuming that is what you chose) will ship by end of February. They also sent an email indicating that you need to make sure your address is correct.

I purchased a few V3 camera’s at the 19.99 price as a preOrder. I remember on the site and email, Wyze did indicate that the 19.99 price is only PreOrder basis and when it will be raised to 23.99. So the $4 increase, does not surprise me.

This is my take on it. Everyone will have there own opinions.

So how about this: Buy the monthly CamPlus subscription for $2 and then buy the V3 for $20, then cancel the subscription after one month. Any holes with that plan? I still dislike that you’re “forced” to buy the subscription at all, but $2 is a lot easier to swallow.

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Forced to buy is a stretch

That’s why I used double quotes. :slight_smile:

No gun was placed to any temples or anything, but considering many of us do not want/need CamPlus, but we do want to purchase the v3, the CamPlus feels like a hard sell (there, is that better?)

But, more importantly, Jason, do you have any resources that can definitively state that a monthly subscription (paid monthly, not yearly, with no yearly contract) qualifies for purchasing the v3?

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The only one I would have is that I am on a monthly subscription and I have purchased them through that.

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