Existing Cam plus can't order v3

Hello has anyone gotten an update on how to order the V3 camera if they are in existing Cam plus service user
every time I added to my cart it wants to add a $35 charge to become a cam plus user but I already am I don’t understand.

as suggested by someone below. I used a link from an email. At 1st it was giving me the same pricing as before which included the 34.99 for the camp plus subscription. So what I did was I logged out and log back in went back to the camera page and it had marked out the 3499 and only the price in cart for the v3 was visible.

Yea!!! Thx

Welcome to the Wyze community @cyn5351 !
Are you signed into your Wyze account?
Are you signed in with the same email on the account with Cam Plus?
Both are required for a V3 to be added to your cart.

Sorry…no idea… I ordered 3 today no issue.

I was able to order, but had to log into my account, as @Brlepage indicates, so that it could verify that I had CamPlus licenses.

I can confirm cyn5351’s experience. I have an existing, unassigned Cam Plus subscription. The Wyze order page won’t allow me to order a V3 without an additional Cam Plus bundle.

I noticed that as well, until I realized I had to scroll up, I believe. There were actually 2 options: V3 with CamPlus and the a V3 Only option. But I had to scroll and be logged into my account before I saw it.

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I tried both. Didn’t work. It still tacked on an extra $35.

But I think I know the answer.

My first Cam Plus subscription was the discounted $14 type, not the regular priced account.

Wyze should make this clear to avoid this confusion.

interesting, when I click on the link in the email Shop Wyze Cam V3 I see the following when I am logged in:

If I am not logged in they add the following to the page:

I don’t think this is the issue because my subscription was also the discounted type, (annual set up in August 2020) and I have no trouble adding cameras and getting the discount price listed

Try assigning it to a camera, then ordering.
This shouldn’t make any difference on when it needs to be renewed because the active time (one month for monthly subscriptions and one year for annual subscriptions) starts when you purchase the license.

Tried that, it doesn’t work.

Edit: Let me clarify my position here.

I’ll buy the V3 at $35 even without the bundled Cam Plus. I have no pressing need for it. But the way the wise guys at Wyze’s marketing department did this, it feels like Cam Plus is being rammed down my throat.

Consider the situation. You have a feature (starlight sensor) that the competition doesn’t have yet, why do these gimmicks that alienate your own base?

That doesn’t stop you from lowering the price when the silicon shortage ends.

That’s correct you must get 1 camera with the cam + so we ordered 1,and then we added 5 V3,and 5 V3 spotlight you it will only let you do 3 max,when you go to the cart you can add more we placed 2 orders Friday, and 3 orders on Saturday and we plan to order more on sunday,the cam + is a good price ,its cheaper than if you did it alone…well back to my wine and friends That’s Julie service manager.

@Brlepage this is what I had run into as well. it appeared as if they had fixed it for many. im not sure what the hiccup is. I feel like it’s something to do with following the link from the email. I ordering one additional yesterday ( just going to the page not through the email) and had no issue with the subscriber login thing.

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