Cam Plus with CAM V3- ordered 3

I just ordered 3- Cam V3 for $34.99. that come with one year of CAM plus. I was planning on giving the other 2 to my brother and friend, Because i ordered 3 does each 34.99 cam get the subscription??? I only got 1 "code for cam plus " sent to me.

The code is probably for all 3, as CAM plus can not be transfers to another user. The recommendation is usually to get someone a Wyze gift card if you want them to get Camplus.

The cameras are $35 with cam plus. You only need one cam plus subscription to get remaining cameras for $20. However, if you paid for 3 at $35 each you have 3 subscriptions to cam plus. Unfortunately they are tied to your account. You should have purchased the other 2 at the discounted $20 cost for cam plus subscribers.

So wyze contacted me and inform me that I have a credit on the other two subscriptions. So I’m thinking I kind of get 3 years of cam plus

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@jamiehasting, stop posting discobot interactions, lol. @derka181 I wonder if you would get 3 years, as the timeframe for special codes are usually limited in viability