1 year of cam plus - with Wyze cam 3 order

Hi - So I’ve ordered the Wyze cam 3 plus 1 year bundle.

I currently own 4 other Wyze cams.

I wanted to know - since I’ve already paid for the one year of cam plus, can I use it with my current cameras prior to receiving the Wyze cam 3 cameras?

When I sign into my account via the app and go into account. It only says “reactivate your subscription “ but also says - CAM plus member, when I click on that it says - ‘I can’t subscribe to cam plus in the app.

So I guess my question is - can I use cam plus with my current cameras , prior to receiving the Wyze cam 3…and if so…how do I go about doing that?

Thanks in advance .

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That’s my question too. Same situation.

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I suspect we have to wait for V3s to be set up prior to being able to access or change the camplus subscriptions. Also the app may provide fewer options than using a web browser to log in at the following link


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Hi old geek(funny name!)

Well…yea the website I checked earlier and simply says to use the app >acct>services> then just tape your newly purchased service. For me it’s not there…I purchased it I think two or three days ago.

Maybe someone from Wyze reads the forums from time to time?


You have to remove the free trials in order to get your subscription to be added to the list of available subscriptions for the V3 cameras.

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And… If you want them flat on the inside of your window… We have used clear 3m strips above and below the lens and stuck it right to the glass. The picture is so clear that it looks like it’s outside.

Yes. Once active you can use it on any camera already on your account. I’m doing it now as I already have other active v3 and v2 cams while awaiting the additional v3 purchase with the bundle. You can also switch the subscription between cameras.

My only issue now is getting them to delete my credit card info that they forcefully make you add. They are currently ignoring that question/request :slight_smile:

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It’s odd. I guess I need to wait for the free trial to end.

I’ve removed the free trial -yet when I click on the usual services etc and shows I am a can plus member. It only shows the trial version to activate.

I’ve signed in and out and I’ve tried both the app and website.

Wish it would work since I have other cams I would like to use with my paid membership.

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I had the same question regarding the CC’rd I posted it separately.

As of right now I still am only able to run thr trial subscription on only two of my 5 cams.

no, you don’t have to wait until the trial ends, it’s just not on your account yet. Once you see it on the services website, you’ll be able to assign it to any cam

Well…this is very disappointing…especially since I really like Wyze cams and own 5.

But just did chat with customer service…I asked why am I still only showing the trial for two cameras since I paid for the two camera bundle and one year of cam plus.

The answer…you have to input the code they send you (which I did) that takes you to the sign up page.

Yes…you have to enter a valid credit card before you can even use the subscription that you just bought and paid for.

See it’s a personal thing with me but, I paid for something I want to use it no strings attached…plus I don’t like having my credit card info sitting around for a full year - in anticipation of another subscription a year from now for a service I am not even sure I will want, much less keeping track when that subscription would post a year from now.

So if Wyze customer service reads this, really…remove the mandatory CC’rd for something you already paid for.

My trial Cam Plus ended & I applied the code Wyze sent me. When I hit submit it goes to a page with a Zero balance hit next & it goes to a page that wants a credit card information. Why do I need to submit a credit card to get my free year? I am guessing the Cam Plus has an auto-renewal on it. What do I do to get just the free year I bought with my camera.

I asked wyze about how to cancel the auto renew. I paid the full year camplus but do not want to auto renew. If I choose to renew the subscription then I will. Being defaulted into a renwal is shady and slippery, I can’t stand it.

I was told via chat “: I checked and I see that you have an active Cam Plus subscription and we’ll expire on February 21, 2022. If you don’t want to renew the subscription I suggest manually cancel it before the expiration date and that will be on February 20, 2022.”

Most all companies have auto renewal that is why I put a date on my google or other calendar to send me a reminder so I can cancel if I wish. Other times I just go back and set me preferences and opt out of auto renewal.

I dont know what you mean by most companies. Amazon lets you opt out of auto renwals on prime subscriptions, Sony …can opt out of auto renewal of psn…theres two major companies selling subscriptions in an above board way…not these guys. Slippery as teflon counting on folks to forget to cancel.

This is what I said “Other times I just go back and set me preferences and opt out of auto renewal”.

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How long do we have to wait for the Cam Plus Yearly to show up as available? Bought 1 with Cam Plus Yearly to be able to buy a total of three. That was 2/3. Then they were delivered 2/24 - yep 3 weeks.

Can’t get access to enable the One Year sub.

Your trial version should be available to use now. I got an email from WYZE after about 7-8 days with a code to redeem my one year purchase. Make sure you check both your inbox and promotions as well as the junk mailbox, never know where it will show up.

I kind of have to agree with you about the shady point…I mean I really like Wyze over any other cam…but it seems to me that companies put auto renewal on things in hopes people forget to cancel …I don’t like that. If your product is good, better than others then people will want to keep updated on everything…not forced to pull out a credit card for something you paid for.