Wyze cam 3 plus 1 year bundle

I just bought Wyze cam 3 plus 1 year bundle, how do i redeem the 1 year cam +.
It seem like I only have 14 days.


I’m wondering the same thing. My guess (unless someone from Wyze responds here) is that at the end of the 14 day trial it automatically rolls over to the 1 year we paid for. In other words, we’re getting 54 weeks of Cam Plus rather than 52.

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I have the same issue. Just got done doing a long chat with a Wyze rep. she is working on it and continue to communicate via email. If I find out anything I will let you know.

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Thanks @Antonius

Thank you!! I emailed Wyze and haven’t heard anything.

The said they would get back to me via email and they were very busy in support. I have a ticket (#1029425) but since they are getting for maintenance it may be a while until I get a response I think.

I am in the same situation. In a chat, they told me that the paid subscription will automatically be added to my account within a week, and there is no way to expedite it.

(Which is slightly unfortunate; since my account shows that it does not have paid CamPlus yet, I can’t order more v3 cams, which I want to do.)

Same thing for me also. Just received my v3 with 1-year cam plus sub but see no way to activate it. No code in box and no code on my order screen. It did activate the 14-day free trial but I don’t know what will happen after 14 days.

Wyze, how do we activate these cam plus subs that we purchased?

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I was told to de-activate the trial version and I could get my paid version but that did not work when I got done with the chat session because they were busy. So for now I have the choice of 12 sec. motion videos or continuous recording to the SD on my new V3. I do not want to activate the trial version again because I will probably have to go through this mess again. If they make you pay in advance the paid version should start in an auto mode after the trial version expires, simple? I guess not. :roll_eyes: I have 4 WCO on cam plus and they all work.

I have a question on cam plus…my understanding is that it’s $1.25 per month per cam, correct? Can you have additional cameras set up that aren’t part of cam plus and still use the basic functionality with those…no conflicts or issues?

You can have cams with or without cam plus which I have now not by choice. My 4 outdoor cams have it and my new V3 does not but it still records motion events for 12 sec or continuous recording.

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They send me the code for 1 year of Cam Plus for me to redeem.

I received a code the redeem my 1 year purchase yesterday. I don’t know if I should do it now or after the free trail ends. Maybe I will do it later today and see what happens.

The REDEEM button in the email took me to the Wyze checkout with the bundle selected and zero balance. The next page, payment, has a ‘Have a Code?’ button that allows me to enter the code from the email. After I enter the code it loops back to the payment page. There doesn’t appear to be a way forward unless I enter my credit card info.

If anyone doesn’t have a code, check at Wyze.services.com (login with the same information as the Wyze app).
You should be able to apply it to a camera there. If not, contact support.

I will be checking to see if you figure it out. I don’t want to pay twice but maybe the need they credit card number you used to purchase the bundle to apply the payment??

That was my thinking as well, but I didn’t enter my card info for the very same reason.

Mine did not ask for the credit card, they added the license to my cam plus account I have for the other 4 WCO. It now says I have one license available. I think I have to wait until the trial is up in 12 more days because the V3 I want to put it on is still on the trial list and not on the list of available device to apply the new license to yet. I tried to delete it from the trial list without any luck?

Note: Since they added the new license to my existing cam plus account which is due to renew in November they gave me a 3 month credit back to my card so I am only pay for 9 months for the V3 license.

I also just bought Wyze cam 3 plus 1 year bundle, How do I redeem the 1 year cam Plus. Somehow I’m in a 14-day trial subscription.


Wait about a week. Wyze will send yo an email with a code to redeem the cam plus. I tried to delete the trial version without success . Since I now have the new cam plus license I am just going to wait until the trial expires then add it to my new V3 when it shows up on the list of available devices. I really wish they would provide a written procedure for this or if you buy the “bundle” activate the cam plus license as soon as you activate the new V3. Hopeful wishing :roll_eyes: