What needs done to turn PLUS on

What needs done if anything to turn PLUS on for the year of PLUS capability that came with my cameras?

Under Account > Services > Camplus do you have any Licenses available ? If you do not check your email for a activation code with instructions. Also make sure you are logged into the correct account.


Read this is if you just got a new cam/cams with the 1 Year com + included. There are numerous other post on the same subject.

Kitten, no licenses available and my 14 day trial ran out and the camera is now not on CAMPLUS. I need help on this. I also did not receive any email with activation codes for my 2 cameras that supposedly cam with CAMPLUS.

If you did not receive a code, check your spam folder, and your account page via the store, if you do not see your code you will have to contact support.