Buy Camplus subscription today but activate after a few months

Say I purchase a CamPlus today but activate it say after 3 months once I receive my V3 camera.

Will I then need to renew 12 months after my activation date or 12 months after my purchase date?

I am pretty sure it starts once you purchase it, the activation is essentially just applying it to a camera and you can deactivate and reactive to another cam. As far as the renewal I am pretty sure its from purchase date.


I purchased 2 cameras with CAMPLUS and the trial ran out and it didn’t convert to the initial year license. Am I supposed to receive a code to enable the initial year of PLUS?

It starts when purchased as I found activating some later, they all have same renew date.
So yes the CAM PLUS subscription starts when purchased

Correct - even though it took two months to get the V3 cameras. Lost about two months :frowning:

I got an email about 8 days after I started using the trial version that had a code to activate the 1 Year. Better check your primary, promotions, junk and spam folders for that email or do a search of your email for WYZE