Gift Cam Plus Subscriptions -Sell by Access Code

You know how there is lag in the CAM Plus subscription showing up on your account after you make your purchase? It’s time for a redesign so WYZE can stop issuing credits and people can start using what they buy right away!

WYZE could simply sell us an activation code when we buy a CAM PLUS subscription. Then within the app, we would enter the activation code and that subscription would instantly go live and be tied to the account where activated.

It shouldn’t matter where the subscription is used…as long as someone is paying WYZE for the subscription the subscription remains active.

Once said subscription activation code is activated on a given account, that subscription remains on that account and can be moved to the various cams on that particular account (just like today). We would not be able to move the subscription between different account once the subscription activation code is used. In essence, the activation code is good one time.

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Yes! I second this one. And please make sure the renewal date is not locked to other CamPlus subscriptions.

I want to order 12 cam plus Wyze! But I can’t if they renew on the same day!

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