Wyze Cam v3 camplus subscription


I recently buy a wyzecam v3 with Cam plus kit. The problem is : i cant find the way to activate my camplus subscription. Do I missed a code or something ?

Thanks all

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@alexandre.trepanier1 Welcome!

Steps to activate cam plus. Open Wyze app, Account > Services > Cam Plus > Edit > Available Devices

Under Services you should see Cam Plus. Tap on it, the available paid license should appear under Cam Plus.

  • Tick the box for the desired cam, tap activate.

  • To deactivate a cam, uncheck the box for the desired cam, tap activate


When I try and activate using these instructions I get told I have no cams, but I do, and I can see and use both through the app!

@RonHaines Welcome!

Have you tried logging out of the Wyze app and log back in?