I have 8 Wyze cameras and just subscribed to CamPlus.
When I try to activate it, it says “No cameras found”
What am I missing?

In the app, are you going to Account > Services > Cam Plus > Edit ?


Thanks for helping!

In the app, I go to ‘Account’ then at top of page it says ‘CAMPlus Activate Plus’.

I click on it and get the info on CAMPlus so I click ‘Continue’ at the bottom which brings me to Services. This says I have 1 annual available license.

I click on the link and the next page says 'No cameras found You need a camera to use Cam Plus.

The only thing that comes to mind that could be wrong is that I have the rtsp firmware. However, I get all the CamPlus screens for enabling it…

I am using the CAM Plus trial.
At the top of my Account page it shows Cam Plus - Plus Member.
Since yours is showing Activate Plus it seems like your subscription has not been activated.
In the Account page do you have Services below the CAM Plus logo and your login info?
CAM Plus should be shown in Services.

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Sorry about not reading up on the Wyze site. I just read that having rtsp will prevent the camera from working with complete motion recording.
My solution will be to place two cameras at the same place, one with the rtsp and the other with the right firmware…

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