Signed up for Cam Plus - says I have no cameras

Is it because I still have 11 days left in my free trial?

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@coghlan Under Wyze Services did you active a camera for the free trial or does that not show either?

Don’t recall being asked for a camera. I just followed the coupon path which I believe required me to login, then did the CC purchase (actually, had to do this 2x since the first CC didn’t work…perhaps because I didn’t leave a space in my Cdn postal code).

Now my app says I have 1 Cam Plus licence available, but then proceeds to tell me I have no cameras.

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On the web, my services says "You have 1 camera(s) active on annual subscriptions.

Auto renews 2021-08-06".

In the Wyze app tap on the Account Tab > Services > Cam Plus and take a screenshot if you can. If you have your camera connected to the free trial it will show on this page.

Here’s the screenshot

If you have a camera setup under Cam Plus free trial you should see a page like this.

I have one cam using the free trial and two cams activated using paid licenses.

Account Tab > Services > Cam Plus

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You can click “edit” to activate your paid license for your cam after the trial ends.

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Thinking about this, what should happen is that the full licence should kick in immediately, with the renewal date pushed back by #days remaining in the trial. This is how most trial upgrades work. Otherwise, it causes confusion for the customer.


Exactly. I think Wyze got the cart in front of the horse and it wasn’t thought through very well. It has caused mass confusion for everyone. It doesn’t give the user time to finish the free trial. :pleading_face:

The paíd service should not start until the license is activated but that hasn’t been the case. It starts immediately after purchase. It has been a nightmare trying to sort through all the new changes that Wyze implemented.

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No, in my case it’s not starting before the end of the free trial. The paid licence shouldn’t be pending, as it seems to be in my. This forces the user to keep track and, presumably, try the activation again once the trial ends. A better solution would be, if there are 10 days left in your free trial, then activating the paid licence should simply make the renewal date to be 1 year and 10 days from activation.

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I had the exact same problem, took me some time to figured out that I can only activate one subscription at a time for each camera. Either the free trail or paid subscription. Go to Account/Service/Cam Plus/Edit…deactivate the camera for the free trail license. Now you can go back and active the camera with your paid subscriptions. Hope this help, it did for me.

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You can start using your paid license if you don’t want to wait for the trial to end. Use the edit and deselect your camera from the trial and add it to your paid license.

No luck. It won’t let me check the box for my camera to activate.

For some reason it isn’t showing you have a paid license. You may have to contact support and find out what happened to your paid subscription. Login into your account at and see if your paid license went through.

Submit a Request

Or call

Wyze Customer Service

1 (206) 339-9646 .

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I am here because I’m researching to figure out because I have the same problem I have two cameras that have cam plus activated but I actually have four cameras at my house One of the cameras is a pan cam three of them are V2 one is black The only thing that I can think of is I put the RTSP feature on both my black cam and my pan cam. I’m not using that feature all the time but I did notice that those two cameras have a different firmware than my first 2 cams that I didn’t add RTSP on them. I purchased 3 Annual Cam Plus subscriptions and in my account tab it is saying I have 1 license available and only shows my first two cameras in the list to check Mark and then activate cam plus on. I have done that and ran around the app in every way trying to get it to show all my cameras yet still they aren’t there. Only when I noticed the firmware versions did I think :thinking: those are the only 2 cameras with RTSP. I also have been using TESTFLIGHT versions of the wyze app from time to time switching back to original version because of errors formatting my SD in the app. Not sure how to correct this. Any help? I will try calling during duty hours also.
Also I have attached a screenshot of my firmware versions.

Do you still have any trial licences? I had to remove the trial licence before I could activate the annual one.

I dont see any trial licenses on my account i shouldn’t I went straight to the annual on my second and third purchases

Cam Plus does not work with RTSP, RTSP is a completely different version of the firmware. That is why you see different versions. To use CamPlus you will need to go back to the stock firmware.