Cameras Missing from adding to Cam plus

I have multiple cam plus subscriptions and I can not add my floodlight camera because it does not show in the list. It is on and I can view it in the app and I get basic notifications. I also have 3 other cameras in the app that currently are not plugged in, only 2 of those show as optional to add to cam plus although I do use all 3 intermittently.

Do the cams that aren’t showing up have a cam plus trial? I think your not able to put the cam on a real license until the trial ends

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They did but it expired months ago,

Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, then force close the app. Check if anything changed.


Also try logging out and back into the Wyze app

So it turns out I had a monthly subscription for 2 cameras that I canceled months ago. That seems to be the reason the cameras didnt show as they had been assigned to that subscription however you would Think that when a subscription was canceled the cameras would be “released” back in to the available que and not just disappear. Guess not.

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Interesting, good to know for future troubleshooting. Glad you got it resolved!

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