Unlimited Cam Plus

OK had a single cam on monthly cam plus, signed up for unlimited cam plus. Cancelled monthly cam plus and now it will not let me enter the camera to the unlimited cam plus. I have the same issue with another cam that was using the cam protect service, so cancelled that service and now it will not let me add that cam to the unlimited cam plus. Need some help please.

Does the Unlimited plan still show up for you in the app under the account tab → Services area?
Or what about under services.wyze.com ? Does it still show up on there as an active service?

Did you order from the Wyze website or through the app, and if through the app, are you using iOS or Android?

When you say it won’t let you add it, can you elaborate a little more about what kind of “won’t let you” we are talking about? Does the service show up, but the cameras aren’t listed as an option? The Service is missing? Something is greyed out? Getting an error message? Something else?


yes plan shows up and shows paid

ordered from the Wyze website

iOS app to add cams

service shows up but the 2 cameras are not listed as a option under add cameras only my other cams that were not subscribed before

is there a chance I need to wait for the current plans to expire?

thanks for the help


That usually means the cameras are currently assigned to a different license for some reason.

I’m guessing the cams are still showing as assigned to the old subscription. You can probably just go remove them from there and set them to unassigned from the old subscription, then they should show as available for the new one. Otherwise, you could do as you were thinking, and just wait for the current plans to expire. Either way should work.

If you are still having trouble switching it and want to do it right away, you could contact support and they will walk you through it or fix it for you. Either way, you should be fine :+1:


The Cam Plus Unlimited down loaded from the Web site for $99 does not work anything like the version you download from the App. I have problems also and a tech just emailed me and admitted the Apps don’t work the same. So you to cancel the Web version and download it from the App for more money. It took them a week to admit the cost of the plan effects the way it works. The $99 web plan is a nightmare