2 questions about unlimited subscription

I have a $99/year subscription for unlimited cameras. I have 2 questions.

  1. What happens to my current subscription(s) if i were to purchase the new $89/subscription.
  2. can i add a camera to that subscription at a later date or should i have all cameras active beforehand?

I believe nothing will happen. The system they currently use for managing services doesn’t officially allow prorated refunds, so you should technically have 2 copies of Cam Plus Unlimited.

Yes, you can move them over to the new one when/if you want. You will have to remove them from the other subscription first (just click to edit/add cameras on the old one and then uncheck them) before you can go add them to the new one. But you may do so whenever you want.

Note that I believe that $89 price only lasts for the first year, and then it goes back to $99/yr again like you currently have. So I would only really suggest doing this if your first subscription is close to expiring anyway. Also, your first subscription is probably set to auto-renew, so you would probably want to go change that and tell it not to auto-renew if you try this.

Thanks. I did find 5 of my cameras are on the $99/yr plan through Google Subscriptions which renewed Dec. 6th. I just now canceled the “auto renew” so i will have to wait until it runs out in 2024.
Two other cameras have subscriptios through wyze online expiring in February. I will look at moving them over to the $99 plan.

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No guarantees if Wyze support can do anything about this, but you might ask them if it’s possible to get a prorated refund for those those subscriptions expiring in February since you already have the Unlimited plan. They might not be able to help with that, especially since the unlimited plan goes through Google instead of wyze online, but I would recommend asking them about it anyway.

I would point out that your unlimited plan already covers the license cost for those other cameras, so it feels like you are paying for them needlessly and would like to cancel those, move your cameras to the unlimited plan you already have and see if you can get a prorated refund for the balance since those individual licenses are pointless for you.

They might have some discretion to help out since you have unlimited covering everything. Worst case scenario though, make sure those 2 subscriptions won’t auto-renew in February because your unlimited plan already covers the cost for them from now on. :+1: Might as well save yourself the money!