Cam plus fee

So I bought a couple more cam-pan v3 and going to set them up, before I turn on the plus servies I already have 4 with the service wouldn’t I be better off with unlimited Plus for a 99 dollar fee and wonder if there is a way to consolidate all of them in one?

Yes, I would go for the unlimited.


Here is another thread on consolidating Cam Plus fees.

Note that your existing subscription(s) may not be refundable for the pro rated portion that has yet to be used. It depends on how old your subscription(s) are. And, this is only for subscriptions purchased last year from the Wyze Website. If you purchased them from the Store Tab in the app, those are sold by the Google Play Store and are 100% non-refundable.

Since you are expanding to over 5 cams, Cam Plus Unlimited is definately the way to go. The strategy to get there, however, is going to be dependant on the age of your current subscriptions, when they expire, and how they were purchased.

Best case scenario is they are old Wyze Website subscriptions that can easily be cancelled for a pro rated refund. If not, depending on when they expire, you may just want to add the new cams under the existing subscriptions so that you are only charged on the new cams for the time remaining on the subscription. Then, cancel that when they expire and start the unlimited subscription.

Regardless, I would not recommend buying new subscriptions for the new cams to get you thru till the old ones expire unless you do the monthly option. I also highly recommend only purchasing subscriptions, like Cam Plus Unlimited, directly from Wyze on the Wyze Website.

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Yeah here is what I have I have 3 cameras on that renew on June 20, 2024 and then a single camera just did and good until July 1, 2024 all yearly subscriptions… I want to add 2 more but not sure if I can get credit on these if I do unlimited… I attached a image of my subscription , thanks

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From what I see, since the annual subscriptions were just purchased in June and July, they fall under the current policy and there will be no refund for any unused portion. Even if you do cancel them, they remain available on the cams until the expiration. They are fully paid so you are stuck with the term. I wouldn’t want to write off over $60 in paid subscriptions.

If these were my cams, with that much time left on the subscriptions, I would go to, add new cams under the 3 cam June subscription to cover my new cams. This way, I only pay for today thru the 6\20\24 date and all of them will expire together. Then, a couple days before that date, purchase Cam Plus Unlimited, assign all the cams over, and cancel all the old subscriptions.

The only thing that would motivate me to buy the unlimited plan today is if I plan to go nuts and add so many cams that subscriptions on them from now until next June would be close to or more than the $99 you pay for Cam Plus Unlimited.

Thank you, …makes great sense to me…

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