Cam Plus - I Screwed Up!

I recently added two more cam v3s to my setup, and purchased Cam Plus with my Capital One card with one, and Cam Plus with my Discover card with the other. They are both the $1.99 per month subscriptions. I don’t remember how, but, my three older cam v3 subscriptions were purchased through Google pay with the annual plan for three cams.
I made an unsuccessful attempt to group all five cameras into an annual plan, to make things easier to keep up with. I bought five annual subs with the intention of integrating the two monthly subs, and the three annual subs together…WRONG! Instead, I’m right where I started with two monthly subs, three annual subs, and five additional annual subs that I don’t need! I may as well have taken a $100 bill and struck a match to it! I immediately cancelled the five annual sub purchase, but, according to what I’ve read, I can’t get a refund :cry: I’m pretty sure my title pretty much sums it up. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up, and wait 'til next year for the subs to expire.
Any thoughts (other than I’m an idiot :grin:)

You have 5 cams and:

2 monthly Cam Plus (New)
3 Annual Cam Plus (Old)
5 Annual Cam Plus (New)

The two monthly subscriptions can be cancelled with minimal loss and those cams assigned to two of the five new subs.

The three old subs will have to expire before you move those cams to the three remaining on the new subs. You won’t get refunded for subscriptions cancelled early.

There are differences in subscription management depe!ding on how you bought them. If they were bought thru the Play Store thru an in app purchase, they have to be managed there. If they were bought from Wyze at, they can be managed there.

Thanks for the help! Do I need to wait for the two monthly subs to get closer to renewal in order to assign them to two of the five new subs? It sounds like your suggestion changes my financial loss from $100 to $60, which sounds much better :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks again!

You can move your cams off of (unassign) old subs and back onto (assign) new Cam Plus subscriptions within the Services tab of the app any time you want, as many times as you want, without any affect to your subscription status. Subscriptions without cams assigned still get billed.

You can’t get any refund for subscriptions that are already paid, but you can cancel a subscription at any time.

You can unassign all 5 of your cams from the two monthlys and the three old annuals right now and assign them over to the 5 pack new licenses. Just cancel the monthlys before the end of the term before they renew and bill. If it were me, I would set a reminder and wait to cancel the 3 old annuals. That way you have expansion room for 3 more cams until the end of that term.

If you do have plans for more cams, you might want to consider the Unlimited Cam Plus when your 5 new subs expire. 5 cams is the current break even point. You get up to 99 cams for $99 and don’t ever have to add more licenses, just assign new cams in the app.

I think I’ll use your suggestion of moving my five cams over to the 5 pack new licenses. I’ll set my desktop reminder for the two monthly’s before they renew. I assume that even though I cancelled the 5 pack new licenses, that I’ll be able to renew them before the listed expiration date of 4-29-2024. Thanks

If you have already cancelled the 5 new subscriptions you purchased, they should not be showing as available for you to assign cams to it. I missed that the first time thru.

You may want to double check and verify that the subscriptions are still active for the next 12 months before you do any cancelling of the old ones. You may want to contact Customer Support to have them verify your account.

I appreciate the heads up, but, I had already double checked that they were available, and active 'til April 29, 2024. I moved all five cams to the new five cam annual plan, earlier this evening, and it’s showing that it renews on April 29, 2024. :+1:
Thanks again, you saved me $40 & gave me some things to think about for the future!

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