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Is there a service for unlimited cameras? I have 3 now but paying 19.99 per camera yearly can get pricey. I mean it is less than paying per month slightly but if there is not, would there be one in the future maybe?

They had a deal last year that was $99/year for all cameras but it’s actually limited to 100. It’s basically the closest thing to unlimited. I have signed up for that deal back then though.


Looks like they still have it it’s called Cam Plus Unlimited.

$99/year or $9.99/month


Thank you. I guess I wasnt reading it correctly so youve helped greatly!


Just to make sure things are clear (from here – Wyze Cam Plus | Upgrade Wyze Cams & Activate Wyze Subscriber Discount Code):



So, I currently have an annual Cam Plus subscription for 6 licences (6 cams) that renews in March. I want to add four more cameras, and the Cam Plus Unlimited option seems like the way to go. My question is, should I wait until March (renewal) before cancelling my current annual plan? Will I be refunded the unused portion of my annual plan between now and March if I buy Cam Plus Unlimited today and cancel my Cam Plus annual? Or should I wait til March to switch from annual to unlimited? And, is there any difference between the Cam Plus annual and Cam Plus Unlimited subscriptions?


That depends solely on how you bought your 6 cam license(s).

If you bought them from Wyze through the website, cancelling an annual subscription early will result in a refund of the unused portion of the subscription.

If you bought them through the App in the Store Tab, you actually bought them from Google Play and you will NOT get an early cancellation refund (best to wait it out and cancel\buy the day before).

I had all my cams on individual licenses before I bought my CPU. I bought the CPU first, unassigned all the cams from the individual CP licenses, reassigned them all to the CPU license, then cancelled the individual licenses in the website and received the prorated refund.

Exact same features except you get 99 open cam slots on the Unlimited license instead of being limited to the 6 you have now.

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Good to know, Thanks!

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I set up the Wyze cameras and app from my Iphone and shared our cameras with my wife. She has subscribed to the Cam Plus via her Wyze app on her Iphone and has 4 licenses available to assign. When she tries to “tap to assign”, the app does not display our shared available devices. When I log into my account I can not see the subscriptions she paid for. How can we assign the cameras I shared with her from my Wyze app to the subscriptions she paid for via her Wyze app? This is rather frustrating

CamPlus subscriptions can only be assigned to cams installed to the same account. They cannot be assigned to cams from another account that have been shared to that account. Her subscriptions on her account can only be assigned to cams on her account and vice versa.

The only way to assign these 4 licenses on her account to those 4 cams is for you to delete the cams from your account, reinstall them on her account, assign the 4 cams to her CamPlus licenses, then share the cams to your account. The licenses can’t be transferred between accounts.

Many have found it easier to simply use one single account for spouses to log in.


Hello and happy long weekend!

I have 3 cameras. Last week I got an email offering a deal on Cam Plus for 4 cameras. I just bought the doorbell pro and it’s on the 2 week trial for Cam Plus.

My annual subscription just renewed for my existing 3 cameras and I paid the annual charge. If I get the deal and pay the new annual fee, do I cancel the existing Cam Plus subscription in my account and add the new one? Will I get a refund for the canceled subscription? Thanks!

You may need to allow the trial to run out before assigning it to CP. It may not show as available to be assigned to the paid CP subscription license until it expires

This depends on how you purchased the first 3.

If you are considering purchasing what I am assuming is the 4 cam bundle license, I suggest only buying subscriptions from the Wyze Website. Here is why:

If you bought your 3 prior subscriptions using the Wyze Store\Shop tab in the app, your subscriptions were actually sold to you and are serviced by the iOS Store. If you cancel those subscriptions they will NOT give you any refund.

If you bought your 3 subscriptions from the Wyze Website, cancelling them will provide you a refund for the unused portion.

Look at the header in the license(s) within CamPlus. It will tell you how it was purchased:

If your licenses are website purchased, you can buy the 4 cam bundle, unassign the 3 cams from the old individual licenses, assign them to the new 4 cam bundle, and then log into to cancel your 3 old individual licenses for a pro rated refund.

If you purchased the 3 licenses from the app store… You might want to reconsider as they just renewed and you will not be refunded by Apple for the annual subscriptions you just paid for.


Yeah it’s definitely better to buy your licences from the wyze website. I recently switched from annual licences to Cam Plus Unlimited, and got an instant refund for the unused portions of my annual licences

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That’s great to hear that it worked out well for you! Now all there is to do is start stacking cams!

Thanks very much! You provided great, detailed information, as usual. I bought the licenses on the Wyze website. So I’ll wait a few more days and follow your instructions. Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

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