Cam Plus Annual option?

Is there a way to pay for Cam Plus annually as opposed to just monthly?

Yes there is, if you go to the page and then click on Cam Plus, once you log in and select what cameras you would like to attach to it then options for annual or monthly will appear.


Does this apply to ‘unlimited’ cam plus?

I am not sure, let me go in there and see if I can find the way to get to that one.


Yes it is the same, when you get to the part where it shows annual and monthly there will be a toggle above them for unlimited.


Currently the prices are:

$19.99/yr – Single License, Annual ($1.67/mo equivalent)
$1.99/mo – Single License, Monthly ($23.88/yr equivalent)

$99/yr – Unlimited License, Annual ($8.25/mo equivalent)
$9.99/mo – Unlimited License, Monthly ($119.88/yr equivalent)

So currently when you hit 5 cameras you should go Unlimited:

Unlimited for 5 cameras: $99.00 Annually
Individual for 5 cameras: $99.95 Annually


This is what mine is showing price-“wyze”

That page has refused to load for me all morning/day. Tried on 2 different computers, 2 different browsers.

Got it. Was able to get that site to load.
Question though.
I have the following services:

Do I cancel all these and THEN do the unlimited plan?

I am not able to find the screen you show. Are you in Canada? What is the exact web address of that page?

I had trouble connecting until I changed to https for some reason.

Cancelling will keep it from renewing (which is good), but that’s all. They don’t refund the unused portion. So cancel any time up to the renewal date.


I believe the downside to the “hit 5 cameras” strategy is that you will still have the single accounts in place until they expire. No big deal on monthly, but if you have a few annual licenses scattered about, it could be an issue.
Also, I seem to remember that moving a cam from a single to the unlimited took a bit of doing, though that may have been improved since it’s been a while.

I’d go with an unlimited plan, but it’s limited to one location only, and I need to watch my location plus our two sets of elderly parents. If I could watch multiple locations, I wouldn’t mind a limit of say 50 devices, rather than the 99 I saw previously somewhere, here on the forums, probably. I see no mention of the one location limit on the screen shot s provided here.

Per the CamPlus information it is 99 cameras at a single location.

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Here is a new service Wyze could consider offering. Cam Plus Multiple. ‘X” number of devices, installed at “Y” number of locations, for a cost of “Z”.

Who has 99 cameras at one location, anyway, or even 99 cameras total? If x number of cameras are spread across multiple locations, the number of videos generated might well be the same, I would think. I’d like to hear why the one location limit is there.

BTW, I now watch multiple locations across 13 cameras, but all are on Cam Plus Lite, works fine. I, naturally, fine tune the detection settings constantly, in order to cut down the number of videos generated. Don’t have time to watch/review more than I’m getting now, abt 200 videos per day, on average, just guessing.

Being able to FF thru motion videos, provided by Cam Plus, is very helpful in reviewing the sometimes longer videos. Personally, I don’t need long videos sometime provided with Cam Plus, and by long, I mean over 30 seconds. If I see a motion video of interest, I can watch video that is recorded on the SD card, all of my cameras have one.

I don’t think there is actually any limitation on location as the cams don’t have GPS and the app only lets you set one location.

That is correct, the limit is in the terms of use. Wyze also seems to prohibit using devices in business rather than your home, but really has no effective way to monitor or enforce either provision.