We’re updating the price of Cam Plus Monthly in late June — here’s why (Cam Plus Annual prices will not change.) 5/17/23

Hi there,

This is an important update about pricing for Cam Plus monthly plans. We’d like to offer everyone an opportunity to switch your license to an annual plan before the price increases on our monthly plans starting June 20th, 2023. After nearly 3 years, we’re adjusting our monthly price from $1.99/month to $2.99/month. The price of an annual Cam Plus license is not increasing and will remain at $1.66/month.

Switching to an annual plan will avoid the price increase and save you $4 from what you are currently paying over the course of a year. Over 70% of Cam Plus users already choose annual plans over monthly plans.

We’re increasing the monthly price and the incentive to choose an annual plan for a few reasons:

  1. A huge portion of monthly Cam Plus costs are used to cover card transaction fees, which are rising. Annual plans have much lower fees.
  2. New cameras are moving toward a higher resolution at 2K or above, making cloud storage costs twice as expensive. Annual plans allow us to better plan and commit to longer contracts with partners to reduce the costs of providing Cam Plus.
  3. In 3 years, we’ve never raised the price of Cam Plus to keep up with increasing costs.
  4. We’re in the middle of a massive AI moment in tech, and we are working on big AI features that we want to invest more heavily into to accelerate their development.

The monthly Cam Plus price will change and be charged to payment methods on file in the first billing cycle on or after June 20, 2023. If you are currently on a promotional price or a trial, that promotion is still honored and unchanged for the rest of the promotional period. You will see the price increase reflected in the first billing cycle following the end of the promotional period.

We hope you continue to find incredible value from all the work we’ve put into Cam Plus. But we understand that some users will want to make changes to their service. You can review, make changes, or cancel your plan purchased through wyze.com by logging into a web browser here.

If you purchased a license through your Android of Apple phone, the steps are slightly different and can be found here.

For more information about Cam Plus subscriptions, please see our Terms of Service.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support of Wyze and our mission to make great technology accessible to everyone!

Wyze Services Team


Seems reasonable. Thanks for the update and info.


You’re welcome! We appreciate your understanding and kindness. :slight_smile:


FYI, for anyone who might be wondering, I was just informed by a Customer Service on chat that this price increase does not affect the $9.99/Month Unlimited plan.


I would be more comfortable with paying an increased fee if the Cam Plus service actually worked.

I bought two of your Wyze Cam V3 three months ago. The Cam Plus only worked for about a month. I checked this forum and I was not the only customer who had the same problems.

  • no Cam Plus features at all unless I disabled zone detection. My cams are next to a busy highway so I need this feature, otherwise they’re useless
  • no reliable “smart” alerts
  • no “person” alerts, or it detects small birds as “people” and ignores actual people
  • no sound alerts when I have a neighbour with a loud barking dog and I need to record barking events to file a complaint with my city
  • web view down 50% of the time
  • I also got screwed out of being able to pay for my subscription in Canadian dollars. At first I could do this, but because the Cam Plus wasn’t working I tried un/resubscribing to try and fix it. You discontinued $CAD subscriptions without having the courtesy to inform us, so I’m the one who has to pay extra for foreign currency transactions on my card.
    -Speaking of which, Canadians are treated like second class citizens by Wyze. I get emails with deals and discounts only to find they’re for US customers. I also notice a lot of your products aren’t even offered to Canadians.
  • no web based subscription management. When I log in to your website all I get is “billing history” which is several months old and not accurate. I don’t want to use Google Pay on my phone, it’s not secure. My bank account was cleaned out a few years ago using Google Pay when my phone was stolen. I do not store any payment information or banking apps on my phone and I will not do so just for Wyze.
  • Today I have about 50 false alerts from one cam because I enabled zone detection and it’s still detecting traffic moving inside the “non detection” zone. This goes on every day.

Your cameras are only marginally useful thanks to the above glitches, all associated with Cam Plus or the payment system you mentioned. If the Cam Plus service worked as advertised or if any effort was made to fix the problems, I’d have no problem paying your increase. Having to pay more for half of the advertised functionality sticks in my craw, especially when you ask people to commit for a year to avoid the increase. I refuse to commit for a year, because I’m already looking for cameras from a different manufacturer that work as advertised. I’m looking a lot harder starting today.


Thank you for all of this specific feedback and I’m sorry to hear that we failed to meet your needs in so many ways. I sent a screenshot of your post to the team.


Im interested in #2


Do you mean you are interested in 2k cameras? The V3 Pro is such a camera. I’m sure others will follow. :slight_smile:


Add in that the viewing in a web browser is awful. Camera’s are freezing and when they freeze you have to log out and back in to view them again. Can only watch 1 or 2 cameras at a time and again have to log out and back in again. Thought it might have been a bandwidth issue so I replaced my router and when that didn’t helped up my internet bandwith to 1 gb. doesn’t matter which browser I use it does the same on all of them. Doesn’t matter if I am in the house or at another location. It is all the same. I would say that Wyze servers are the problem.


Only 50 false alerts, Iraj? How lucky. On a breezy day, I get several hundred false alerts when the system identifies the shadows of swaying trees as “Vehicle.” That goes along with pedestrians also being ID’d as vehicles and lights in my neighbor’s window being tagged, because that window overlooks the two cars parked in my driveway, as (yes) vehicles. If it’s not moving, it’s not a vehicle! It’s a rock.

It’s a bad situation that has never improved.

Add in the death-by-alert-tone annoyance of the new multi-note notification sound, and I’ve been forced to turn off the alerts on three of my six cameras. I’d rather listen to Schoenberg than endure the Wyze perversion of the Woody Woodpecker and Maxwell House coffee themes.


That isn’t how the Wyze AI works. The AI server interrogates all objects within the field of view regardless of their motion status. The objects that are moving may initiate the motion event upload, but once that upload is initiated and sent to the server, the AI does not discriminate between moving and stationary. It also doesn’t limit tagging to only the motion object that started the event. The cars are still vehicles even if they aren’t moving.

There is a #wishlist request asking for Motion Only AI Notifications. Since it is “in progress”, this is a feature that Wyze is currently working on.

Follow the link and vote at the top to support the request.


Only a politician (or a Silicon Valley tech titan) would give an answer like that. I’ve been involved in AI since 1991, and establishing criteria for identification is table stakes.

It would have been more appropriate to start your reply with “The Wyze AI doesn’t work” because, well… it doesn’t. If identification software “saw” everything, rather than just faces, it would be totally useless.

When someone walks across my camera’s field of view, triggering a recording, I expect to see “Person,” I don’t. I see “Vehicle” because they’re walking along the sidewalk past parked cars.

The Wyze software doesn’t identify “Tree,” though there’s one directly in the center of the field of view. It doesn’t identify “Tree waving” when the shadows of moving trees set off the recorder. Nope. It reports “Vehicle,” despite the parked cars being outside the designated zone.

Not every AI rule is “recognize.” It can just as easily be set to “do not recognize.” Wyze doesn’t do that. To borrow from generative AI and ChatGPT, Wyze software is rife with hallucinations.


Thank you for the compliment though I am neither. Just another Wyze Cam user.

I was replying to your post with how the AI currently operates, not with how I think it should operate to suit my particular needs. As they say, “It is what it is”.

Turn off the Vehicle Detection?

Wyze doesn’t yet offer these Smart Detection AI features. If you would like to recommend they develop it, you can suggest that in a new #wishlist post.

Alternatively, if you have a compatible cam, you can set up and train your own AI Detection Model for this using the new Smart Vision skill.


There is no setting to “Turn off the Vehicle Detection.” Not on my v2 cameras. Besides, I WANT vehicles detected… if they’re moving. If they’re static, they might as well be “Street.”

Wyze asks that users submit feedback about its identification efforts, and I’ve been doing it for years. Now I won’t. It’s obviously not having an effect. Talking to myself in a mirror has more impact.


I didn’t realize the V2 Cam, when assigned to Cam Plus, lacked the ability to designate which type of AI Smart Detection the user wants recorded in the Event Recording settings like all the other Wyze Cam models. I don’t presently employ the V2 Cam, so I can’t reference it. I am sure that another user will be able to though.

The V2’s look exactly like that too. I have several. So yes, vehicle detection can be turned off, so can vehicle notifications.

Still, none of the cams can do exactly as Whyz is asking (only notify on MOVING vehicles). As Slabslayer said, Wyze told us that there is a prototype for this (moving object recognition) that has been created now and is currently being tested, but it’s not available to the public yet, and depending on how the testing goes, it may or may not be released, at least in the current form.

For what it is worth, I have had cameras from multiple companies including with their AI detections, and while I am sure some may have this or are also working on it, most don’t, so this is a fairly innovative and new thing that is being done to have detections only consider objects that change pixel position between different frames.


There are notification settings, but the toggle for a vehicle does not differentiate between a moving and a static vehicle. That’s what I need (and I did submit a wishlist request, though what I really would like is a #doitdammit option).

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Those capabilities exist, just not at Wyze because, well… it’s probably above their pay grade. Or it’s spy grade. Or military grade. But the ability to analyze pixel position is a well-established approach that, unfortunately, would have no effect on moving tree shadows. Those change pixel alignment frame-by-frame and are more annoying than non-moving cars. I’ve gotten as many as 200 recordings of swaying tree shadows in a day, and there’s no toggle switch for that. Like FSD (Full Self-Driving), Wyze AI is a long way from ready.

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Several of the cam settings I use to cut down on the extraneous motion events uploaded by the cam due to pixelation changes from trees, shadows, leaves, weather, etc. is to turn off the notification settings for All Other Motion. I only want notified of AI Events. This cuts down on 99° of the notifications from the cam. Further, I utilize the Detection Zone and Cam Sensitivity settings to tune each cam specifically for the depth of its FOV and the stationary objects within the FOV that can cause false positives. Lastly, since nearly all 25 of my cams are used as security cams, I spend considerable time when setting them up to position them so that they are focused on critical areas of approach without overwhelming them with extreme high traffic movement.

Another helpful function I use is to filter out all motion events in favor of only AI events within the Events tab.

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