CAM Plus License Cost Increase ------

I have 5 Cam Plus Licenses, and paying $75 a year for the Plus Service.

I just added a 6th cam, and wanted to add another license. Problem is now I see the cost is now $20 per Cam License Per Year.

That is a big price increase
from what I already paying of $15 per year per cam.

I’m sending you a pm.

I don’t know when the price increased, but when I subscribed it was 19.99/year per cam.

Hmmm… I would think they had to raise it in the last 6 moths or so, as I had subscribed about a year ago and I was charged $14.99 Per Cam, for the 1 year subscription.

I see they dont offer that anymore
5 Cams costs me $75, but just added a 6th. for $20 more for a Cam Plus license

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I just searched more

And found this too

Toward the lower part of the web page
$1.25 per month

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