Really ..... Cam Plus .......?

So yea,

Obviously I like them … but as for this constant pitching of Cam Plus …

Let see, we’ll call this part “fun with math” so lets take all 13 of my camera’s at $9.99 per cam per month in USD so for us frozen bastards up north, that works out to:

9.99 US Dollars = 13.540074 Canadian Dollars
1 USD = 1.35536 CAD
1 CAD = 0.737810 USD

$ 13.54 CDN x 13 cameras = $ 176.02 per month and times that by 12 months or a bargain deal of the century of: $2112.24 per year !! How in their Wyze world does that make sense?

What am I missing here?


Or you could get it for $99 a year for 99 cameras


So looks like :point_up_2: is what you are missing. :slight_smile:

(5 cameras or more should go with the unlimited plan in the last US $ pricing I saw)


The above math formula is incorrect and a misunderstanding.

Wyze does not have a Cam Plus plan like that. It is either $1.99/mo per camera, or $19.99/yr per camera, or $9.99/mo for ALL cameras (up to 99 total cameras included in that price which would be as low as $0.10 per camera per month…but since you have 13 cameras it would be $0.76/camera per month). Or $99/yr for ALL cameras. So for you the 3-4 Math options are as follows:

  • Separate Monthly licenses per camera = $1.99/mo times 13cameras = $25.87/mo Times 12mo = $310.44/yr
  • Separate Yearly licenses per camera = $19.99/mo times 13cameras = $259.87/yr (equivalent of $21.66/mo avg)
  • Single Cam Plus Unlimited License for $9.99/mo or $99/yr which will pay for up to 99 cameras.
    • $99/yr divided by 13 cameras = $7.62/yr per camera (or $9.99/mo divided by 13 = $0.76/mo per camera)
    • So, to be worth it you only need 5 cams or more. $99/yr divided by 5 = $19.80/yr per cam avg, which means every cam over your 5th one is FREE. Or $9.99/mo divided by 5 = $1.998, again, meaning that every cam over the 5th one is FREE.

In no way will 13 cams cost you 2,112.24 CAD per year even at the highest rate.

It’s a no-brainer if you have 5 cams or more. Get the Cam Plus Unlimited. That’s what I have.