Camera subscription

ok so there is a cam plus for $19.99 a year or $2.99 per month. Are my calculations wrong or is $2.99 per month $35.99, not 19.99. Or is management just saying if I don’t want a monthly payment; it will be a flat rate of $19.99.

I’m confused what is the correct answer?

12 X $2.99 = $35.88 a year for one/ each camera with the Monthly Plan.
Yearly contract is $19.99 for one camera for 1 Year.
$19.99 a year is $1.66583333 per month :grin:
Annual subscriptions have always been less expensive because they know that you will be using it for a year. If you cancel there is no refund, The Yearly plan requires Auto-Renewal unless you cancel the subscription prior to the expiration date. (NO REFUND)

I don’t know how the monthly plan works but I am sure they will take your :moneybag: every month until you cancel.

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@Antonius yea, I’ll keep staying away from it cause I really don’t see a difference unitless I’m missing the value of getting a subscription

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If you are interested in Cam Plus and have 6 or more cameras, Cam Plus Unlimited would then be a better value.

Makes no difference to me. I like to get event videos instead of still pictures.
I have 12 cams and it cost me $.27 U.S. cents total a day for all the cams. :grin:

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oh ok, thanks
Do you have good review on this subscription?

I use Cam Plus Lite with SD cards in all of my v3 cameras (because all I want and need is Person Detection). I know lots of other Wyze forum members recommend Unlimited if you have more than 6 cameras.

@StevenA . I do as well. I like to control my own monitoring.

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I just don’t like subscriptions.

I am fine with the vanilla plan.

SD works for me, but I don’t have a fortress to protect or an animal kindom to manage.

animal kingdom

The Iguana Diver is going to be insulted.

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@ssummerlin I’m right with you. I’m not a fan of subscriptions. All my cams have SD cards as well. hahah, no kindom here either.

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Ha ha. That is funny, at least to me.