4 Cam Plus license discount for existing Cam Plus users?

I just got an email from Wyze that for a limited time, I can purchase 4 Annual Cam Plus licenses for $49.99/yr.

Does anyone know if this offer is open to existing Cam Plus users? I currently have 3 annual licenses for $44.97/yr. I’d be more than happy to add a fourth annual license for the extra $5.02! But, I didn’t see any way to get it.


This would be great I would love to switch to this

I am also wondering how we swap our current subs into a bundle. @WyzeGwendolyn

I would love this, I have 3 including my door bell and one on the way, and 2 more for my Landlords business that I live above( I will likely be in charge of them, I have a vested interest in the safety of the place, so :woman_shrugging: ) It would be nice to save a little on the service.

I presently have 4 cam plus licenses and conducted an online chat on whether my existing licenses could be converted to this bundle. I was informed that this newly offered bundled services will only apply to “first time users” and cannot convert my 4 licenses to this plan.
Am not a happy camper on this! Wyze should take care of their existing customers when they make these offers - keep it up and you will loose business.
Having issues with their doorbell not opening in app on iphone when doorbell is rung and getting no help from tech support!


I didn’t get email but for annually subscription for you with 4 cams, that’s a steal. I only have 1 and got noticed to subscription and I plus membership monthly so I upgraded 20 bucks yearly for 1 cam

I hear you friend. My opinion is they coming out with too many products at 1 time and it’s messing up all our services in which they need to slow down.

I cancelled my existing Cam Plus. A prorated refund was given to me for the time remaining. I then signed up for the 4pk of licenses at the discounted price.

Unfortunately there’s an issue with these new licenses. I logged into app and it stated I had licenses to activate and apply. I did that, but the licenses never applied to the cameras. Support seems unable to help with their stance being “it may take a week to start working.” So I’ve paid for a service that I cant use.

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Thanks for trying that. Did you actually get a refund or is it account credit? I have been credited twice but don’t understand their stipulation on redeeming lol.

I got both a credit and a refund(not more than I paid, just some amount to each). :slight_smile:

Though, I expect the credit was due to having paid for the previous Cam Plus with a partial credit.

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I’m very interested in this too. I have 3 camera licenses and a 4th that is not covered and would love to convert to this bundle. I sincerely hope Waze can find a way to make this work with a pro-rated purchase. It should be that difficult.

The license showed in my account, and when I logged into the app it popped up that I had licenses to apply, but I could never get them assigned to a camera. Support, chat, phone and email were no help. Eventually just telling me to either wait a week or they would get back to me(never did).

I ended up cancelling the bundle for a refund.

I’m happy to the new CamPlus bundles package, but its limited to 4 cameras. I have 40 cams which translate to $500/year: a non starter. I hope Wyze considers a bundle for a large number of cameras.

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I bought the 4 pack and then canceled my existing 3 cam plus subscriptions. I went to the app to apply the licenses. No problems with the license and the refund was applied to my card.

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