Simple Is Better

I would like to start by saying I love wyze mainly because of cost and how you interact with your customers for feedback. Now let me start with some suggestions for the cam plus. Im not an expert with the pricing but when I saw pay per cam that turned me off. I would love to see just simple levels with pricing. Something like level 1 is 4.99 per month and get 3 or 4 cams. Another huge thing I would pay for is adding the door bell to appleTV and or Roku or other TV’s/Apps so when the doorbell is pushed it pops up on the TV. Im not sure why this hasn’t been done yet, but I would pay monthly just for this. Also I have a grip with the latest doorbell. Its too big. I would love to see a new doorbell that is slim and sleek as small as the first one or smaller. These are not complaints but just what I would love to see in order to help your team grow with subscriptions and sales.

This forum is primarily user to user (I am a community volunteer), but Wyze does check the #wishlist category often. These are great ideas/suggestions, so I encourage you to check if they exist already, and vote for them. If not you can create your own posts for you and others to vote on.

Also, Wyze offers cam plus unlimited, which allows up to 99 cameras on 1 subscription, for $9.99 a month or $99 a year. That’s around the same price as 5 normal licenses, so you may wanna consider that.