You've finally done it, Wyze

I love Wyze products, they’re affordable and work well. My problem is that you’ve managed to now put all of the features behind some kind of a paywall. Nothing is free. I’m not averse to this, I just think it’s really sneaky that you’ve so far, baited for the long run and finally switched and by that I mean you offered these good, cheap products with a promise of pretty much never charging for additional services and then charged for additional services using a metric smorgasbord of excuses - again, acceptable based on today’s financial climate, somewhat except that a line has to be drawn somewhere.

Wyze subs are now officially more costly than Ring and you get less while not in the Ring/Amazon ecossystem. That says a lot. Ring is now 200 yearly for 60 days of footage on any number of Ring Cameras, etc. + 24/7 Monitoring or 100 yearly for 60 days of footage on any number of Ring Cameras, etc. + warranty replacement if the device(s) are stolen/vandalized in both accounts.

You want $100 per year for 10 cameras or lots per camera, for what you said they’d basically do for free just 3 years ago. While I’m greatful that you’ve added some stuff of which Person Detection is most important, as I mentioned, that worked well and was “free” at one point and now you’ve buried it behind a sub for ‘live’ detections for a cost or that 12m cooldown for what you’ve cleverly rebranded as “pay what you want as long as it’s not $0”. Facial detection as a feature is buried behind an additional sub for security ---- really?
You want $100 per year, up from $50 for home security…mind you, I barely even use it. I use it when my entire family goes out of town and this is maybe 4 times yearly. It was worth $50, it’s not worth $100. You’ve even increased hardware prices. I mean, where does it stop?
So in comparison, it’s $100 per year for 10 cameras, no real warranty if the device is stolen or broken and $100 per year for 1 camera and home security. Boo!

I urge you to re-consider your sub pricing and get back to a simple place that is value friendly for customers. Again, I do like Wyze a whole lot, I mean, I’ve been here since almost day one. I started with 2 Wyze V1s and now I have like 8 V2s, 2 V3s, at least 4 Pans, I mean, I jumped on board hard so it’s a little disconcerting after listening to all of the plans and promises and then to come to this. It’s mental whiplash.

Why am I here now? Renewal fees hit and I got shellshocked. I got charged nearly $100 for 1 V3 sub and 1 security sub (so 2 V3 cams total). I then considered, why don’t I just do the $100 yearly for 10 cams, but then I’d also have to pay another $100 for the security so, no that doesn’t pan out.

I say offer the security sub for $100 with more than 1 cam plus sub or give a discount security sub with the 10 camerras for $100 (maybe an additional 40 a year or something).

Thanks for all your hard work.

Not really sure where you’re coming from. You can in fact “pay” $0 and get 12 second cloud recording (as always) along with person detection. That’s enough for some of us and it works pretty well (for many of us anyway).


When I initially signed up for Pay What You Want - way, way, way before Cam Plus Lite and after Wyze essentially left it grandfathered for “free”, I don’t remember being able to go below a dollar, but I could be wrong. I remember trying something like .50 and getting an error, 0.75 and getting an error and only when I put 1.00 did it accept it.

Now when I tried I was able to put 0.00 and it worked.

I still think the sub could be a bit cheaper (officially vs. on special), at least in bundles, and also that Person Detection should be offered w/o a cooldown, but with a timed amount, so say, 8-15s. If this were the case, I would definitely pay at least a buck for it.