Wyze Cam V2 - PD

Ok, been reading and reading and I am still very confused on person detection.

I have been a member since December of 2019.
Long story short I updated my wyze cam v2 couple of months ago and it took Person Detection away, which wyze promised they were working on getting this back. I been patiently waiting on this.

Today I updated my app and v2 cam and i have my PD turned on but I am not getting any notifications for PD.

I do not care to sign up for the monthly subscription, I use a Micro SD card and i can always go back and check the footage if i receive a notification, which i am not.

Are we going to be getting Personal Detection back for free or is Wyze going to charge us.

Technically you might just miss the November cutoff for the “name your price to keep PD experiment”. I hope not. That would mean your only option is $1.99 for CamPlus.

This is all going to get ugly. :frowning:

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But my issue with this is for v2 is it currently not working at all?

Also, if Wyze is going to make us pay than they’re no different than Ring. I have a feeling a lot of people will be looking for something else, me included.

Except Ring charges $3 per camera and their cheapest camera is $60.
I don’t see where they have Person Detection. Do they?

You can get the monthly plan I think it’s $10 or $11 for unlimited, not sure how Wyze is going to workout multiple cameras, I’m sure they will charge more.

I agree with you Wyze is cheaper but it’s gotten to the point where my camera is useless and it’s getting to be too much to try and figure this whole situation out.

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Ring does have person dectection.

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Is thst with the cheapest csmera?

My mistake, read it wrong. It’s $10 a month which comes out to $120 a year. If you have multiple cameras with Wyze it adds up too though.

I’m not sure about the cheaper ring cams. The cheapest indoor ring cams are around $60.

I have the $250 floodlight cam. All the video is stored on the cloud for 60 days at $33 a year.

Honestly, I feel bad for the people who bought 4-5 cameras thinking PD was free and now Wyze is going to make them pay for it, which is wrong.

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