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Over a year ago my colleague introduced me to the WYZE cameras; cheap, robust, and simple software. Great that the WYZE company wanted interaction from their users. I provided feedback as I have many cameras on my home. Now over a year later, all of my feedback, really our feedback, has improved WYZE’s system. Unfortunately now they want us to pay for our making them better. My latest WYZE email says I can have ‘improved’ person detection for free, but online there is no ‘free’ option. I’ve also seen terrible ‘improvements’ to the free software that I’ve already mentioned to them. Bill Gates/Microsoft would be proud of your selfish actions.

Depending on when you purchased your cameras, you can have person detection for free through name your own price. But to sign up, it’s a limited time offer.

I subscribed for free, because I only have use for it on one camera and it’s very intermittent when I have this need (only when travelling).

Also, this is mainly a community forum that Wyze employees do not actively monitor. You may want to try reaching out through their official support or feedback channels.

I must admit I really enjoyed my Wyze products however lately there have been some very annoying issues arising.

They send out emails about products and when one attempts to purchase and or respond the servers are either overwhelmed and can not handle peoples responses or their servers are down for maintenance.

Really makes me wonder if they are growing faster then their systems can handle.

Sorry but must rethink my endorsements of products to others at this time.

If the servers can not handle email responses have to wonder about supporting such a business who appears to be planning on expanding into a actual “security based” business model.

Since I have attempted to sign in over a course of a week for the choose my price option and continue to have various Wyze based system errors I will pass.

Person Detection is hit and miss anyway.

I’ve not had any of the issues you describe in website issues or maintenance, and person detection works really well for my application. 90% accuracy, if not more.

I’m sticking with Wyze mainly because they’ve been responsive in fixing any issues I have had. I have no huge complaints, all things considered. Covid has made the turnaround a lot longer, but that’s pretty much standard for every company I’ve dealt with since March.

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I am happy for you.

Unfortunately I know I am not alone.

Wish all the best for Wyze