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I have been so happy with Wyze cam up to this point and all Wyze products. It was promised these features wouldn’t have additional costs. Please do not go to monthly subscriptions !!! This is the very reason I went with Wyze in the first place!!! In doing so you will give me no choice but to try and return the fleet of products I got from you or trash it! I will not do MONTHLY PAYMENTS EVER! We would all be absolutely broke if we subscribed to everything out there and do not tell me it’s only 99cents a month because that is where it will simply start, it all freaking adds up!!! Don’t make me feel this way about Wyze please don’t make me deter all my friends family and colleges from your product please stay true to your roots and your word do not go the way of the world!!!

sincerely proud WYZE customer for years


Welcome to the Forum Community, @hyrumjg, and thank you for your input!


Thank you for your input… LOL
This person is pissed and rightly so.

Then don’t. It’s not mandetory.
The cameras work fine, the same way they did 2 years ago without any subscriptions at all.


Correct. Free motion detection and free cloud storage of events is still standard. The only change has been to Person Detection specifically. (It was added for free but now taken away.) Motion detection is still provided without cost.

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you say this as if there is nothing wrong with what
Wyze is doing here. Person detection was promised at no cost and yet here we are chatting about the cost if you cant see or recognize this simple yet very large issue than you can not help support those who cant afford a security system that does subscriptions or hold a company to their word keeping them on the right path! Integrity in this life is everything.
Also you mention “then don’t pay” that it is a option well maybe listen better because I made mention to this is where it starts and I can not help you if you can not see this. For now it is a option and who knows what else gets rolled into a subscription model in the future! WE ALL SHOULD WYZE UP

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Not sure of your actual issue? If you are a “Wyze customer for years” then you were / are eligible for continued free person detection under their legacy Name Your Price offer (expired but they may still honor it for you). Yes, it’s still a “subscription” but it was offered for $0.

Then read and reread my messages until they make sense to you. look up definitions of words you don’t understand such as integrity

I’m not defending Wyze’s decision about Person Detection. I don’t agree with it either but there’s not much we can do about it. I don’t find it works well enough to charge for.

You can’t return products you’ve had for years and trashing hardware sounds like an ineffective way to save money.

Like @Customer said, if you have been a Wyze customer for years you had the option of Person Detection subscription for as low as $0.
Two years ago Person Detection didn’t exist at all so we’re really just back to that point.

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That’s really unnecessary language. Don’t do that. If you don’t want free Person Detection then that’s your choice.

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truth be told. I am in agreement as of now why throw away a product i have been very happy with up to this point. I simply mean that if this goes even further where we end up forced into subscriptions and costs then it in fact very well could become more effective to trash and buy new than pay a monthly over time!

I do feel there is much we can do if everyone bothered out there by the subscription model and are principle based wanting to hold Wyze to their word and promises they could and should chime in. This very well could change the outcome.

it is your choice to take the message how ever you want but i find what i said to be true and accurate if you are confused maybe seek other peoples opinions. back to Wyze you mention the name your price has a option for 0 dollars from what i can see this is in fact not true! correct me if im wrong but when you look into actually setting that up the minimum option is $1 dollar !

Wyze made a mistake by promising that PD would always be free. Always is a long time and it seems they hadn’t hired someone to do the math until it was too late.

The reason I say there isn’t much we can do about it is; Wyze has to pay server processing fees. Unless that goes away we have to pay or Wyze has to stop doing PD.

They could limit the number of videos that get processed for PD. The best way to limit videos, in my opinion, is to improvwe the detection process in the firast place so we aren’t sending every leaf, gust of wind and shadow to look for people.

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