Confused, with new bill payment plan

Sorry, I am confused with the new Bill payment plan. I like the Wyze cam the way it is, are you going to be deleting features, if I don’t start paying you ?

Even if I do start paying you, I see you have two options. $1.49 per camera or $1.49 a month for all the cameras, what is the difference? And also there is an option with one of the options to name my own price. And with that option, you cannot pay for the year.

I’m really not liking these changes, and I don’t understand your Billing options. And if I choose no billing options, what services am I gonna lose. Guess I’ll find out. I have been using Wyze cam Now for around a year I think, and it’s been great. I even gave away a few cameras, as gifts because I liked your product so much. I have a read your reasons for charging a fee, monthly or yearly. Basically yada yada corona virus, yada yada unexpected expenses. How about just keeping things the same, the way the camera worked when I first bought it was sufficient. You don’t need these fancy upgrades. If people wanted these upgrades , they would go with the more expensive security System. In short it’s disappointing, you were going to start charging. Keep the system, simple and free.

The only feature in contention is “person detection”. If you are okay with just regular motion detection you don’t have to do anything and don’t have to pay anything.

Nothing else will change in your current setup and no other features will be lost.

If you’re using and like Person Detection you must name your price before October 9th, 2020.
If your Wyze account was made a year ago before November 26, 2019 you can select $0 option or more if you choose.

From Wyze …
"As you may have heard, we’re running a really exciting experiment for our earliest Wyze users. You were one of the customers that we promised a name-your-price program for Person Detection functionality, and that program is open for you to join until the end of the day on October 9th . If you miss this window, Person Detection will only be available through our Cam Plus package for $1.99 a month (which also includes other features like Complete Motion Capture).

If you’re willing to pay, thank you so much. With a named price of $1.48 or more, you would be helping us prove that innovative pricing like this can be sustainable. If you can’t do $1.48 per month, we totally understand - you can select any number down to $0, and you can tweak your amount at any time if you’re able to pitch in more later."