Wyzecam Outdoor Person Detection gone

I’m a legacy wyzecam member. Currently I have 14 cameras up. My 2 outdoor wyzecam cameras no longer have person detection. Am I missing something here? I’ve gone through all of the notifications and detection settings and can’t find a way to turn it on.

The specific Wyze Cam Outdoor model? Or a V2 used outside? The WCO was never advertised to get legacy person detection, although I see that some were enjoying it. Perhaps a loophole that was closed?

it was available when it was in testing (when it said Pilot on the service) but they’ve said WCO is not part of the pay what you want program.

it seems if you had it turned on before it went away it still functions (mine do anyways) but the options to turn on/off are gone.

Thanks. When it sends me a notification that does indicate person. However, it doesn’t give me the option to turn it on or off.

ooo I feel your pain. I have been dealing with this issue for 3 months. every time they fix it for one of my cameras, the other one stops then they fix that one. Now I am back to where both don’t detect at “night” only during day. So frustrating . Last night was the 1st time it caught person detecting on 1 camera in along time. But still doesn’t catch on other. Its a hit or miss. I think when they decide to fix this with a new update. I won’t ever do a update again.

I have the same issue but it’s on a CamPlus V2 so not precisely the same as this thread.
Person detection works only in the light, not in the dark. Which is becoming more of an issue as we go into Winter.

The only time it detects a person at night is if a car passes and lights up the person. Even then, it often misses them.

For the sake of full disclosure, I have the camera behind a window with IR disabled. I’m waiting for the V3 to be made available outside of NAR so I can swap that in instead and hope it works better.

This is nuts. I even tried to install firmware from July. Did as directions said. Directions didn’t match what was happening on camera. Spent hours redoing, trying. Finally got so frustrated and said to hell with it. This is more frustrating to me then trying to find a flasher player bc Adobe is doing away with it . I am a pretty gd computer handy person. Now it says that WYZE temporarily stopped person detection. :roll_eyes: Ugh.