Outdoor cam no longer recording persons?

Hi, I have an outdoor cam, along with a few V2s, for almost a year now. I am a member of the person detection pilot, also for several months now. Up until a few days ago, i would get person detection on my V2s and my outdoor cam. Now, i just get it on my V2s, but not my outdoor cam. The outdoor cam only records motion. Most of the time, what is labeled as motion is clearly and obviously a person. This just seemed to change in the past week or so.

Did wyze remove this feature for outdoor cam? something else wrong? I would like it back, because the person detection pilot was a better economical option for me then cam plus. Loss of this feature is making wyze a lot less valuable to me. Anyone else having this problem or have info, ideas? thank you.

More than likely you had a Trial version of CamPlus for the outdoor camera which expired. The V2s are probably under the legacy person detection which won’t work with the Outdoor Cam.


How long have you had the outdoor camera? It may have been the Cam Plus trial.
Cam Plus is (and has always been) required for person detection on the outdoor camera.
V2s will work with legacy person detection because they were sold when person detection was a free feature. Only accounts created before November 27, 2019 have this option(if they signed up before October 21, 2020).

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You need to get cam + then you will have all the options

The person detection pilot was only ever for the v2 and the pan cams, never advertised for the wco. I have heard of some folks that got lucky and somehow had the pd pilot work in their WCOs. I think the “wrong” (not the best word for it in this instance) here was that the WCO magicly had it in the first place, since again it was I it ever promised for the v2 and pan. Maybe a firmware update or a app update occured and the system realized the “crossing of the wires” and removed the service from your WCO.

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You still need cam plus it’s so cheap

Don T. Handel

I think that is what happened to me. My cam plus trials were clearly expired, yet I had person detection on the outdoor cam with person detection pilot for months and months. I guess they patched that hole. Too bad.

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