Cam Plus Bundle for 4 - renewal?

It appears that my “Cam Plus Bundle for 4” subscription will auto renew on 3/22/2022, so I must have subscribed last March. Under My Subscriptions, it says I will be billed annually at $49.99 / license. Does this mean for 4 cameras or for only 1? If for only 1 camera, is there a bundle deal like there was a year ago? I can’t afford to pay $200/year for the same service. Thanks.

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I believe that is for renewal of 4 licenses.

If you purchase one Cam Plus license today it is 1.99 a month, or annually 15.00, minus taxes of course.

For 4 licenses (today) that would be 60 dollars. It would appear to me as if you are getting a renewal for the original discounted 4 license bundle, but that is just my inference.

You could give support a call to verify.


Wouldn’t it be more like $80? (4 x $19.99/month per camera) p.s. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find a “Bundle” deal like I got a year ago (4 cams for $49.99). If anyone from Wyze or a Mod knows otherwise, please let me know.

I have found a very different pricing scheme between the app store and the online web pricing. When I go to the web page Account – Wyze and login, then click the 3 stack menu, Account, My Account, My Services, CamPlus, Edit… The pricing is different because it takes into account my existing customer discount.

I NEVER go thru the app for ordering, EVER! I only use the online account login. I was actually told to do that by tech support when I had issues adding my last batch of licences.

Now, If anyone wants to suggest a BULK rate for buying 10 or more licenses annually, I am all in for that! Anyone know of how to get that started?

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I just used your link and although I verified the $14.99 price (thanks), I also ran across this Subscriptions screen (below), which seems to indicate the “Cam PlusBundle for 4” will renew (automatically I assume) at the $49.99 annual price I paid a year ago. However, notice the option to increase the number of cameras at the bottom. If I increase this to “2”, for instance, the annual total jumps to $99.98! This is the confusion I expressed in my OP. I don’t know how to interpret this page! lol

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The $14,99 is the annual for each single cam subscription. Adding one to this will add one subscription to your account, charge you a prorate from today to the end of your existing subscription period, and add the one license to your app…

Wyze prorates you subscriptions so they all expire on the same day.

The $49.99 is for a purchase of 4 subscriptions. If you add 1 of these to your account, you get 4 more subscriptions and your price doubles. It’s like buying a 4 pack in 1 chunk.

If you add one cam license… $14.99
If you add one 4-pack (4 cam licenses) $49.99

When it renews automatically they will charge you the price you see at the bottom of the screen in the licenses summary page.

Be happy you have the 4 pack! I don’t and can’t get it anymore. I have 12 cams on CamPlus.

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Ah, very good … thanks! :+1:

I just zoomed in on your post screenshot…you are right. “How Many Cameras” is totally confusing on the 4 pack item. It should say “Quantity” or “Number of items” or “How Many Subscriptions” but not “How Many Cameras”. Quantity 1 = 4 Cameras or 4 Licenses. Wyze needs to tighten this up.

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Exactly, thanks for the feedback.